Natural Resources Study Committee

The Natural Resources Study Committee examines laws relating to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and recommends, when necessary, legislative changes designed to better serve the citizens of Indiana. Members of the committee, IDNR representatives, and members of the public are provided an opportunity to discuss issues of concerns for the purpose of proposing legislation to repeal of outmoded or unnecessary laws; consolidate and restate existing laws; improve coordination of state laws with federal laws; and amend laws as necessary to further the purpose for which the IDNR was created. The Committee also advises and assists the Department in programming its activities and in developing a long-range plan for land acquisition, capital improvement, and development of facilities. Finally, the Committee is also charged with overseeing the Indiana water resource management program.

During the 1998 interim, the Legislative Council has asked the Committee to examine the wild turkey season as well as problems caused by the overlap between the long bow/compound bow deer hunting season and the crossbow deer hunting season.