Lakes Management Work Group

Description of Responsibilities

  Rep. Claire Leuke, Chairperson
  Rep. Dennis Kruse
  Sen. Robert Meeks
  Sen. Katie Wolf

Lay Members:
  Robert Eddleman
  Mark GiaQuinta
  Charles E. Gill
  John Hamilton
  David Herbst
  William Jones
  Jeffrey Krevda
  Holly Ann LaSalle
  Robert Madden
  Dr. Thomas McComish
  Jed Pearson
  Donald Seal
  Lt. Ralph Taylor
  Garry Tom, Sr.
  Dr. Gwen White
  Robert White
  JoEileen Winski
  Dr. Anne Spacie
  Dale M. Pershing
  Richard Kitchell
  Stephen Cox
  Lisa Barnese

LSA Staff:
  Kristen Breen, Fiscal Analyst for the Group

Authority: P. L. 239-1997

Expiration Date: January 1, 2000
Notices and Agendas:



Other Committee Information:

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