Local Government Finance Study Commission

The Local Government Finance Study Commission was established by P.L.242-1997 to review laws effecting local government finance in Indiana. The Commission was first established in 1992, and it was re-established in 1994 and then again in 1997. It is set to expire in November of 2001.

P.L.242-1997 charged the Commission with the following duties:
    (1) Conducting a study of matters concerning local government, including the following:
        (A) Ways to simplify and recodify statutory property tax controls.
        (B) Revenue sources and uses of the revenue.
        (C) The impact of property tax controls on economic development.
        (D) Alternative sources of revenue that are not derived from property taxes.
        (E) Substantive changes to the Barrett Law.
    (2) Conducting a special inquiry into the financial organization of local government.