Interim Study Committee on Family Law Issues

The Interim Study Committee on Family Law Issues is a 12 member Committee which was established by the Legislative Council to study various child care issues. The Committee is charged with studying the same child care regulation issues that had previously been assigned to the Board for the Coordination of Child Care Regulation, including the following:
    (1) The need for changes in the scope and degree of child care regulation established by statute, rule, or both.
    (2) The need to reorganize governmental units involved in the regulation of child care facilities to promote effective and efficient child care regulation.
    (3) A method for the completion of a statewide needs assessment to determine the availability and projected need for safe and affordable child care.
    (4) The need for programs to meet the needs of Indiana residents if the Committee determines that safe and affordable child care facilities are not available and easily accessible to Indiana residents.
    (5) The effect of pending federal legislation on child care in Indiana and the need for statutory changes to qualify for federal child care grants and to comply with federal child care requirements.

The Committee is also charged with studying therapeutic and special needs foster care, as described in Senate Bill 328-1998, which was introduced during the 1998 legislative session.