Health Finance Commission

P.L.11-1995, SEC. 1 established the Health Finance Commission to study health finance in Indiana. The commission may study any topic:
    (1) directed by the chairman of the commission;
    (2) assigned by the legislative council; or
    (3) concerning issues that include:
        (A) the delivery, payment, and organization of health care services; and
        (B) rules adopted under IC 4-22-2 that pertain to health care delivery, payment, and services that are under the authority of any board or agency of state government.

In 1998, the Legislative Council assigned the following charges to the Commission:
    (1) Study the childrens health insurance program.
    (2) Evaluate the certificate of need program.
    (3) Evaluate the need for oversight of nonprofit hospital sales or mergers.
    (4) Study all aspects of managed care, with particular attention paid to data collection and grievance procedures.