Indiana Child Custody and Support Advisory Committee

The Indiana Child Custody and Support Advisory Committee is a 12 member Committee
established by IC 33-2.1-10. The Committee is responsible for reviewing the child support guidelines adopted by the Indiana Supreme Court. The Committee is required to make recommendations, if appropriate, concerning any amendments to the guidelines. The Committee is also charged with reviewing custody and educational expenses and other items relating to the welfare of a child of a family that is no longer intact. In conducting its review and formulating recommendations, the Committee shall consider all relevant matters, including the following:
    (1) The mathematics pertaining to the child support guideline chart.
    (2) The actual costs of supporting a child.
    (3) Whether it is appropriate to calculate child support guideline amounts based primarily upon the parents' financial abilities.
    (4) Equality of child support awards for the children of the parties.
    (5) A mechanism that may be employed to modify the amount of support to be paid due to a change in financial circumstances or a change in the number of children being supported by either parent.
    (6) The age of a child to the extent that the child may require different amounts of support at different ages.
    (7) Clarification regarding under what circumstances, if any, support may be abated.
    (8) A mechanism that may be employed to ensure that the guidelines are applied flexibly.
    (9) The application of the guidelines to a split custody situation.
    (10) Whether it is appropriate to base child support guidelines upon the premise that the child should enjoy the same standard of living that the child would have enjoyed had the family remained intact.