Indiana Commission on Autism

Under IC 12-11-7-5, the Indiana Commission on Autism is charged with the following duties:
    (1) Study the service delivery system for individuals with autism and the families of          individuals with autism, including the following:
        (A) An analysis of the number of Indiana citizens believed to have autism.
        (B) Funding amounts and sources.
        (C) Types of expenditures and services provided.
        (D) The number of clients served.
        (E) Relationships among agencies and organizations.
        (F) Residential options for individuals with autism.
    (2) Study the need and effectiveness of programs for individuals with autism.
    (3) Oversee and update the development of a comprehensive plan for services for individuals of all ages with autism. The comprehensive plan must include an interagency cooperation agreement among the following:
        (1) The Department of Education.
        (2) The Division of Mental Health.
        (3) The Division of Family and Children.
        (4) The Division of Disability, Aging, and Rehabilitative Services..
        (5) Any other appropriate agencies.