Administrative Rules Oversight Committee

The Administrative Rules Oversight Committee (AROC) is a permanent eight-member (four representatives and four senators) committee whose purpose is to ensure that the governmental regulations (“rules”) adopted by state agencies comply with the intent of statutes that authorize their development. [Rules are the specific instructions created by agencies in order to carry out statutory directives found in the Indiana Code, as amended by the Indiana General Assembly. Current rules may be found in the Indiana Administrative Code. Proposed new rules and rule changes can be found in the Indiana Register, a monthly periodical published by Indiana Legislative Services Agency.]

The Committee meets at the direction of its chair, and typically deals with the following matters:
    (1) Citizen complaints concerning agency rules or practices.
    (2) Violations of the time frames within which agencies must promulgate and adopt rules.
    (3) Proposed agency rules that may have an economic fiscal impact of $500,000 or more.

Based on its findings, AROC may make recommendations to an agency that a rule be modified, repealed, or adopted. The Committee may also introduce legislation to make the statutory refinements necessary to correct an agency practice or regulation that represents a misapplication of Indiana law.