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IC 5-28-2
     Chapter 2. Definitions

IC 5-28-2-1
Sec. 1. The definitions in this chapter apply throughout this article.
As added by P.L.4-2005, SEC.34.

IC 5-28-2-2
Sec. 2. "Board" refers to the board of the corporation established under IC 5-28-4.
As added by P.L.4-2005, SEC.34.

IC 5-28-2-3
Sec. 3. Except as otherwise provided, "corporation" refers to the Indiana economic development corporation established by IC 5-28-3-1.
As added by P.L.4-2005, SEC.34.

IC 5-28-2-4
"Economic development"
Sec. 4. "Economic development" refers to the purposes described in IC 5-28-1-1.
As added by P.L.4-2005, SEC.34.

IC 5-28-2-5
"Secretary of commerce"
Sec. 5. "Secretary of commerce" refers to the secretary of commerce appointed under IC 5-28-3-4(a).
As added by P.L.4-2005, SEC.34.

IC 5-28-2-5.5
"Job creation incentive"
Sec. 5.5. "Job creation incentive" means a tax credit, tax deduction, grant, loan, or loan guarantee that a statute authorizes the state or an instrumentality of the state (excluding any political subdivision or other unit of local government) to award or approve for the purpose of encouraging the creation of new jobs in Indiana.
As added by P.L.110-2010, SEC.6.

IC 5-28-2-6
"Small business"
Sec. 6. For purposes of IC 5-28-17, "small business" means a business entity that satisfies the following requirements:
        (1) On at least fifty percent (50%) of the working days of the business entity occurring during the preceding calendar year, the business entity employed not more than one hundred fifty

(150) employees.
        (2) The majority of the employees of the business entity work in Indiana.
As added by P.L.56-2009, SEC.1.