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IC 4-32.2-3
     Chapter 3. Powers and Duties of the Commission

IC 4-32.2-3-1
Supervision and administration of events
Sec. 1. (a) The commission shall supervise and administer allowable events conducted under this article.
    (b) The commission may by resolution assign to the executive director any duty imposed upon the commission by this article.
    (c) The executive director shall perform the duties assigned to the executive director by the commission. The executive director may exercise any power conferred upon the commission by this article that is consistent with the duties assigned to the executive director under subsection (b).
As added by P.L.91-2006, SEC.3.

IC 4-32.2-3-2
Investigations and other proceedings
Sec. 2. For purposes of conducting an investigation or a proceeding under this article, the commission may do the following:
        (1) Administer oaths.
        (2) Take depositions.
        (3) Issue subpoenas.
        (4) Compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers, documents, and other evidence.
As added by P.L.91-2006, SEC.3.

IC 4-32.2-3-3
Sec. 3. (a) The commission shall adopt rules under IC 4-22-2 for the following purposes:
        (1) Administering this article.
        (2) Establishing the conditions under which charity gaming in Indiana may be conducted, including the manner in which a qualified organization may supervise a qualified card game conducted under IC 4-32.2-5-14(b).
        (3) Providing for the prevention of practices detrimental to the public interest and providing for the best interests of charity gaming.
        (4) Establishing rules concerning inspection of qualified organizations and the review of the licenses necessary to conduct charity gaming.
        (5) Imposing penalties for noncriminal violations of this article.
        (6) Establishing standards for independent audits conducted under IC 4-32.2-5-5.
    (b) The commission may adopt emergency rules under IC 4-22-2-37.1 if the commission determines that:
        (1) the need for a rule is so immediate and substantial that rulemaking procedures under IC 4-22-2-13 through IC 4-22-2-36 are inadequate to address the need; and

        (2) an emergency rule is likely to address the need.
As added by P.L.91-2006, SEC.3. Amended by P.L.227-2007, SEC.13; P.L.95-2008, SEC.5; P.L.94-2012, SEC.7.

IC 4-32.2-3-4
Licensing of manufacturers and distributors
Sec. 4. (a) The commission has the sole authority to license entities under this article to sell, distribute, or manufacture a licensed supply.
    (b) The commission may not limit the number of qualified entities licensed under subsection (a).
    (c) The commission may deny a license to an applicant for a license to sell, manufacture, or distribute licensed supplies if the commission determines that at least one (1) of the following applies with respect to the applicant:
        (1) The applicant has:
            (A) violated a local ordinance, a state or federal statute, or an administrative rule or regulation and the violation would cause the commission to determine that the applicant, a key person, or a substantial owner of the applicant is not of good moral character or reputation; or
            (B) committed any other act that would negatively impact the integrity of charity gaming in Indiana.
        (2) The applicant has engaged in fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.
        (3) The applicant has failed to provide information required by this article or a rule adopted under this article.
As added by P.L.91-2006, SEC.3. Amended by P.L.227-2007, SEC.14; P.L.60-2009, SEC.1.

IC 4-32.2-3-5
Sec. 5. The commission shall charge appropriate fees to the following:
        (1) An applicant for a license to conduct an allowable event.
        (2) An applicant seeking a license to distribute a licensed supply.
        (3) An applicant seeking a license to manufacture a licensed supply.
As added by P.L.91-2006, SEC.3. Amended by P.L.227-2007, SEC.15.

IC 4-32.2-3-6
Ownership, sale, and lease of property
Sec. 6. The commission may own, sell, and lease real and personal property necessary to carry out the commission's responsibilities under this article.
As added by P.L.91-2006, SEC.3.

IC 4-32.2-3-7

Employees; employment restrictions
Sec. 7. The commission may employ investigators and other staff necessary to carry out this article. However, the restrictions and limitations on the operators and workers set forth in IC 4-32.2-5-10 apply to staff employed under this article. The employees hired by the commission under this article may be the same as the commission's employees hired under IC 4-33.
As added by P.L.91-2006, SEC.3.

IC 4-32.2-3-8
Void rules
Sec. 8. A rule adopted under IC 4-22-2 that requires:
        (1) a charity gaming patron to submit; or
        (2) a qualified organization to obtain, record, or report;
information that is inconsistent with IC 4-32.2-5-5(a), IC 4-32.2-5-24, or IC 4-32.2-10-5 is void.
As added by P.L.60-2009, SEC.2.