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IC 4-30-6
     Chapter 6. Division of Security

IC 4-30-6-1
Sec. 1. The director shall appoint a director of the division of security who is qualified by training and experience in law enforcement or security to supervise, direct, coordinate, and administer all activities of the division.
As added by P.L.341-1989(ss), SEC.1.

IC 4-30-6-2
Employment requirements; powers
Sec. 2. The division director and all investigators employed by the division of security must meet the requirements for employment and appointment applicable to enforcement officers under IC 7.1-2. The division director and the investigators may do any of the following:
        (1) Investigate an alleged violation.
        (2) Arrest an alleged violator of this article or a rule adopted by the commission.
        (3) Enter upon a premises in which lottery tickets are sold, manufactured, printed, or stored within Indiana for the performance of their lawful duties.
        (4) Take with them necessary equipment for further investigation.
        (5) If there is reason to believe that a violation has occurred, search and inspect the premises where the violation is alleged to have occurred or is occurring. These searches may not be conducted unless a warrant has first been obtained by the division director. In addition, a contract entered into by the commission may not include a provision allowing for warrantless searches.
        (6) Seize or take possession of papers, records, tickets, currency, or other items related to an alleged violation.
As added by P.L.341-1989(ss), SEC.1.

IC 4-30-6-3
Criminal background investigations on employees
Sec. 3. The state police department shall, at the request of the division of security, perform full criminal background investigations on employees of the commission at the level of director or division director and at any level within the division of security, including applicants for employment. The commission shall reimburse the state police department for actual costs of an investigation.
As added by P.L.341-1989(ss), SEC.1.

IC 4-30-6-4
Investigation of vendors, retailers, and employees
Sec. 4. The division of security shall conduct investigations of vendors, retailers, and employees of the commission, including

applicants for contracts or employment, necessary to ensure the security and integrity of the operation of the lottery. The commission may require persons subject to an investigation to provide any information, including fingerprints, that is needed by the state police department to carry out the investigation or that is otherwise necessary to facilitate access to state and criminal history information.
As added by P.L.341-1989(ss), SEC.1.

IC 4-30-6-5
State police department; duties; state agencies
Sec. 5. (a) The state police department shall provide:
        (1) assistance in obtaining criminal history information relevant to investigations required for honest, secure, exemplary lottery operations; and
        (2) any other assistance that may be requested by the director and agreed to by the superintendent of the state police department.
    (b) Any other state agency, including the department of state revenue and the professional licensing agency, shall upon request provide the lottery commission with information relevant to an investigation conducted under this article. The commission shall reimburse an agency for the actual cost of providing assistance under this section.
As added by P.L.341-1989(ss), SEC.1.

IC 4-30-6-6
Supervision of ticket validation and lottery drawings
Sec. 6. The division of security shall supervise ticket validation and lottery drawings.
As added by P.L.341-1989(ss), SEC.1.

IC 4-30-6-7
Comprehensive study and evaluation of security
Sec. 7. (a) After the first full year of ticket sales to the public, or sooner if the director considers necessary, the commission shall engage an independent firm experienced in security procedures, including computer security and systems security, to conduct a comprehensive study and evaluation of all aspects of security in the operation of the division of security.
    (b) The part of the security report containing the overall evaluation of the commission shall be presented to the commission and the governor. Any part of the security report containing information protected from disclosure by IC 5-14-3 shall not be disclosed by the commission or by the governor.
    (c) After the initial security study, similar studies of security shall be conducted as the commission determines to be appropriate but at least once every two (2) years.
As added by P.L.341-1989(ss), SEC.1.