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IC 4-23-8
     Chapter 8. Acceptance of Gifts, Bequests, and Devises by Indiana Library and Historical Board

IC 4-23-8-1
Sec. 1. Express power and authority is hereby given to the Indiana library and historical board to accept gifts, bequests and devises of personal and real property for the maintenance, use or benefit of the Indiana library and historical department.
(Formerly: Acts 1939, c.116, s.1.)

IC 4-23-8-2
Acceptance of gifts, bequests, and devises
Sec. 2. Said Indiana library and historical board may accept such gifts, bequests and devises as provided in section 1 hereof, with such terms and conditions and with such obligations, liabilities and burdens as are imposed thereon when in the judgment of said board and with the approval of the governor it shall be determined that it is for the best interest of said department to do so: Provided, however, That no obligation, liability or burden shall be assumed on account thereof in excess of appropriations made by law and applicable to the payment of such obligations, liabilities and burdens.
(Formerly: Acts 1939, c.116, s.2.)

IC 4-23-8-3
Sec. 3. Any law to the contrary notwithstanding, any gift, bequest or devise received by said Indiana library and historical board, shall not be required to be covered into the general fund, but shall be administered by said board according to the terms of said gift, bequest or devise.
(Formerly: Acts 1939, c.116, s.3.)