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IC 4-23-15
     Chapter 15. Governor's Residence Commission

IC 4-23-15-1
Creation; membership
Sec. 1. (a) There is created a commission to be known as the governor's residence commission. This commission shall consist of seven (7) members, who shall each be appointed by and serve at the pleasure and discretion of the governor; and the governor shall be ex officio chairman of the commission.
    (b) The commissioners shall each year designate one (1) member to serve as vice chairman, who shall act as chairman in the absence of the chairman, and one (1) member to serve as secretary, who shall be responsible for maintaining records of the proceedings of the commission, and such other officers as the commission deems necessary or desirable.
    (c) All contracts, applications for grants, and other documents shall be executed in the name of the commission either by the chairman of the commission or, when authorized by resolution of the commission, by the vice chairman, and shall be attested by the secretary.
    (d) The members of the commission shall not be required to devote their full time to their duties, but shall devote such time as is necessary to carry out their duties under this chapter. The members of the commission shall serve without pay, but shall be reimbursed for their reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in carrying out their duties.
(Formerly: Acts 1975, P.L.33, SEC.1.) As amended by P.L.28-1983, SEC.37.

IC 4-23-15-2
Sec. 2. The commission shall have the following purposes and duties:
    (a) to provide the governor of the state of Indiana a suitable and fitting residential site located at the seat of state government; and
    (b) to make provision to maintain, remodel, expand, finish, refinish, furnish or refurnish, construct or reconstruct such residential site either of the existing mansion and any expansion thereof, or any other acquired site for such governor's mansion, all as may be required from time to time.
(Formerly: Acts 1975, P.L.33, SEC.1.)

IC 4-23-15-3
Powers of commission; adoption of design; procurement of required construction
Sec. 3. The commission may also procure and adopt a design for the erection and construction of such suitable and fitting governor's residence, including acquiring such design for any structural changes to the existing or expanded residence or for an acquired site and for

modeling, remodeling, finishing or refinishing, furnishing, or refurnishing, and the commission may procure the erection, construction, and installation required by such design.
(Formerly: Acts 1975, P.L.33, SEC.1.) As amended by P.L.28-1983, SEC.38.

IC 4-23-15-4
Funds; acquisition of materials
Sec. 4. (a) All money appropriated by Acts 1967, c.180, s.3, and all money received by gift, bequest, or contributions shall not revert to the state general fund at the close of any fiscal year, but remains available for the use of this commission until the provisions of this chapter are fulfilled.
    (b) Contracts entered into for the purchase or sale of any material or supplies, or for the performance of work or labor with money appropriated by the general assembly are subject to the bidding, advertising, and bonding procedures of IC 4-13-1.
    (c) Acquisitions of materials, furnishings, and supplies, contracts, or work labor are not subject to the bidding, advertising, and bonding procedures if:
        (1) acquired entirely by money received by gift, bequest, or contribution to the commission; or
        (2) directly contributed by any person, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, association, or other organization.
(Formerly: Acts 1975, P.L.33, SEC.1.) As amended by P.L.1-1989, SEC.13; P.L.8-1993, SEC.31.

IC 4-23-15-5
Sec. 5. In furtherance of its purposes and duties, the commission shall have, and may exercise the following powers:
        (1) To enter into contracts, within the limit of funds available therefor, with individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, organizations and institutions for services furthering the objectives of the commission's programs.
        (2) To accept gifts, contributions and bequests of funds from individuals, foundations, limited liability companies, corporations, and other organizations or institutions to be deposited in a special account separate and distinct from state and federal monies.
        (3) To apply for, receive and disburse any funds available from the federal government in furtherance of the objectives of this chapter and to enter into any agreements which may be required by the federal government as a condition of obtaining such funds.
        (4) To make and sign any agreements and to do and perform any acts that may be necessary to carry out its purposes and duties.
        (5) To exercise eminent domain.
        (6) To make an annual report to the governor and the legislative

council concerning its activities and its recommendations for future activities.
        (7) To hold, invest and dispense for purposes of the commission's work, funds received by gift, bequest or contribution to the commission, and to open and maintain accounts in the commission's name for said monies with appropriate banks or trust companies. The commission may request the aid of the state board of accounts in establishing these accounts. Such accounts shall be subject to audit by the board of accounts.
An annual report made under subdivision (6) to the legislative council must be in electronic format under IC 5-14-6.
(Formerly: Acts 1975, P.L.33, SEC.1.) As amended by Acts 1979, P.L.17, SEC.5; P.L.8-1993, SEC.32; P.L.28-2004, SEC.47.