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IC 4-10-12
     Chapter 12. Expenditure of Appropriations

IC 4-10-12-1
Itemized vouchers; expenditure for purpose appropriated
Sec. 1. Where an appropriation is made to any officer or department of state government for a specific employment or purpose, itemized vouchers showing the proper expenditure of the appropriation for the purpose named shall be made to the auditor of state before a warrant covering the amount due can be drawn on the treasurer of state.
(Formerly: Acts 1899, c.137, s.1.)

IC 4-10-12-2
Appropriation for office expenses; limitation on use
Sec. 2. Where an appropriation is made for office expenses in any department of state government, it shall be unlawful to pay any portion of said appropriation for clerk hire, janitor service or special labor compensation.
(Formerly: Acts 1899, c.137, s.2.)