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IC 27-6-7
     Chapter 7. Lawsuits Concerning Interinsurance.Procedure

IC 27-6-7-1
Actions by or against attorney in fact for subscribers; effect of judgment
Sec. 1. All suits with reference to any matter or claim arising out of, or having any connection with any contract or agreement issued or executed, or any obligation or liability incurred at any reciprocal or interinsurance exchange, shall be brought only by, or against, the attorney in fact for subscribers at said reciprocal or interinsurance exchange, and any judgment obtained or rendered against said attorney in fact, as such, shall be valid and binding on all subscribers exchanging reciprocal or interinsurance contracts through such attorney in fact at said exchange, to the extent to which such subscribers are obligated or may be obligated.
(Formerly: Acts 1937, c.35, s.1.)