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IC 27-16-9
     Chapter 9. Worker's Compensation

IC 27-16-9-1
Clients and PEO considered employer for purposes of worker's compensation
Sec. 1. Subject to the specification required under IC 27-16-7-2(b)(3), a client and a PEO are both considered the employer of a covered employee for purposes of coverage under IC 22-3-2 through IC 22-3-7.
As added by P.L.245-2005, SEC.7.

IC 27-16-9-2
Exclusive remedy provisions apply to PEOs, clients, and employees
Sec. 2. The protection of the exclusive remedy provisions of IC 22-3-2-6 and IC 22-3-7-6 apply to the PEO, the client, and each covered employee and other employee of the client regardless of whether the PEO or the client is responsible to obtain the worker's compensation coverage for the covered employees under the professional employer agreement.
As added by P.L.245-2005, SEC.7.