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IC 25-21.5-13
     Chapter 13. Actions and Violations

IC 25-21.5-13-1
Filing charges
Sec. 1. A person may file charges of fraud, deceit, gross negligence, incompetency, or unprofessional conduct against a registrant by presenting specific written charges verified by an affidavit that makes definite and specific charges of the facts against the holder of a certificate of registration under IC 25-1-7.
As added by P.L.23-1991, SEC.12.

IC 25-21.5-13-2
Sec. 2. A person who:
        (1) engages in, or offers to engage in, the practice of surveying without being registered or exempted under Indiana law;
        (2) presents as the person's own the certificate of registration or the seal of another;
        (3) gives false or forged evidence of any kind to the board or to a board member in obtaining a certificate of registration;
        (4) impersonates any other registrant;
        (5) uses an expired, a suspended, or a revoked certificate of registration; or
        (6) otherwise violates this article;
commits a Class B misdemeanor.
As added by P.L.23-1991, SEC.12. Amended by P.L.57-2013, SEC.82.

IC 25-21.5-13-3
Legal advisor; use of investigative fund
Sec. 3. (a) The attorney general shall act as the legal advisor for the board and provide any legal assistance necessary to carry out this article.
    (b) The attorney general and the licensing agency may use the professional surveyor and surveyor intern investigative fund established by IC 25-21.5-11-4 to hire investigators and other employees to enforce the provisions of this article and to investigate and prosecute violations of this article.
As added by P.L.23-1991, SEC.12. Amended by P.L.194-2005, SEC.67; P.L.57-2013, SEC.83.

IC 25-21.5-13-4
Judicial review
Sec. 4. An applicant or a registrant who is aggrieved by an order or determination of the board is entitled to a judicial review under IC 4-21.5-5.
As added by P.L.23-1991, SEC.12.