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IC 25-1-1
     Chapter 1. Evidence of License Applicant's Payment of Personal Property Taxes Required

IC 25-1-1-1
Issuance of license; evidence of payment of personal property tax
Sec. 1. It is unlawful for any board, officer, or person to issue any license, as defined in section 2 of this chapter, to any person who is a resident of this state, unless the applicant, at the time he applies for such license, submits, in addition to all other requirements prescribed by law, a receipt or other evidence showing that he has paid all his personal property taxes in full. "Other evidence" in the case of all licenses issued by the bureau of motor vehicles means a statement signed by the treasurer of the county in which the applicant is a resident that the applicant has paid all personal taxes assessed against him, including all delinquent personal property tax; or, if the applicant owns no personal property subject to taxation, a signed statement from the assessor of the county in which the applicant resides certifying that he has made an affidavit to the effect that he owes no delinquent personal property tax in any county in Indiana.
(Formerly: Acts 1931, c.124, s.1; Acts 1941, c.61, s.1; Acts 1943, c.124, s.1; Acts 1953, c.208, s.1.) As amended by Acts 1978, P.L.2, SEC.2501.

IC 25-1-1-2
License defined
Sec. 2. The term "license" as used in this chapter shall be construed to mean and include motor vehicle registration licenses, certificates of title showing the ownership of any motor vehicle, except those classed as passenger vehicles.
(Formerly: Acts 1931, c.124, s.2; Acts 1972, P.L.183, SEC.1.)

IC 25-1-1-3
(Repealed by Acts 1978, P.L.2, SEC.2570.)

IC 25-1-1-4
(Repealed by Acts 1978, P.L.2, SEC.2570.)