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IC 16-39-9
     Chapter 9. Charges Permitted for Providing Copies of Medical Records

IC 16-39-9-1
Chapter exemptions
Sec. 1. This chapter does not apply to x-rays covered by either of the following:
        (1) IC 16-39-1-2.
        (2) IC 16-39-7-2.
As added by P.L.102-1994, SEC.9.

IC 16-39-9-2
Maximum copying fees
Sec. 2. A provider may not charge a person for making and providing copies of medical records an amount greater than the amount set in rules adopted by the department of insurance under section 4 of this chapter.
As added by P.L.102-1994, SEC.9. Amended by P.L.173-2007, SEC.1.

IC 16-39-9-3
(Repealed by P.L.173-2007, SEC.47.)

IC 16-39-9-4
Cost adjustments by department
Sec. 4. (a) As used in this section, "department" refers to the department of insurance created by IC 27-1-1-1.
    (b) The department may adopt rules under IC 4-22-2 to set the amounts that may be charged for copying records under this chapter. In adopting rules under this section, the department shall consider the following factors relating to the costs of copying medical records:
        (1) The following labor costs:
            (A) Verification of requests.
            (B) Logging requests.
            (C) Retrieval.
            (D) Copying.
            (E) Refiling.
        (2) Software costs for logging requests.
        (3) Expense costs for copying.
        (4) Capital costs for copying.
        (5) Billing and bad debt expenses.
        (6) Space costs.
As added by P.L.102-1994, SEC.9. Amended by P.L.173-2007, SEC.2.