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IC 15-16-9
     Chapter 9. Control of Johnson Grass

IC 15-16-9-1
Duties of certain public and quasi-public bodies
Sec. 1. Between July 1 and September 15:
        (1) the Indiana department of transportation;
        (2) railroads;
        (3) drainage districts;
        (4) township boards;
        (5) public utilities; and
        (6) other public and quasi-public corporations;
shall do anything possible to restrict the growth and seed production of all Johnson grass growing on lands for which they are responsible in a municipality or township of Indiana.
As added by P.L.2-2008, SEC.7.

IC 15-16-9-2
Cooperative extension service technical assistance
Sec. 2. The Purdue University cooperative extension service shall provide technical assistance to property owners to control the growth or spread of Johnson grass.
As added by P.L.2-2008, SEC.7.

IC 15-16-9-3
Violations; exceptions
Sec. 3. (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), a person who knowingly:
        (1) contaminates uninfested land with Johnson grass; or
        (2) transports Johnson grass in any form capable of germination;
commits a Class C infraction.
    (b) A person does not violate this section if the person has written approval of the dean of agriculture of Purdue University or the dean's designee before performing an act described in subsection (a).
As added by P.L.2-2008, SEC.7.