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IC 12-26-13
     Chapter 13. Leave From Confinement and Discharge

IC 12-26-13-1
Leave of absence; best interest of committed individual
Sec. 1. The superintendent of a facility may grant a committed individual a leave of absence from confinement in the facility for a period designated by the superintendent if the superintendent or an attending physician determines that the leave of absence is in the best interest of the individual.
As added by P.L.2-1992, SEC.20.

IC 12-26-13-2
Discharge notice given to committing court; record entry by court
Sec. 2. Upon the discharge of an individual committed under this article, the superintendent of the facility shall notify the committing court of the date of the discharge. The court shall make an entry on the record indicating the date of discharge.
As added by P.L.2-1992, SEC.20.