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Notice of Intent to Adopt a Rule
LSA Document #14-186

Under IC 4-22-2-23, the Department of Correction intends to adopt a rule concerning the following:

OVERVIEW: Repeals 210 IAC 6 concerning the juvenile detention standards of Indiana, consisting of 303 standards, including 26 mandatory compliance standards. Adds 210 IAC 8, the revised standards for juvenile detention for Indiana, consisting of a total of 287 standards, including 42 mandatory compliance standards; levels of compliance; its definitions; reporting critical incidents; administration and management; fiscal management; personnel; training coordination and staff development; management of information systems and juvenile records management; volunteer services; safety and sanitation; juvenile housing and capacity; security measures and control; restraints; security inspections; justice and order; admission and orientation: confinement; behavior management system; rules and disciplinary regulations; grievance system; visitation; telephone and mail correspondence; juvenile rights; reporting child abuse or neglect, or both; prevention and intervention of sexual abuse and harassment; food services and dietary allowance; sanitation inspections; juvenile clothing, bedding, and hygiene; health care and medical services; health assessment and examination, including testing for sexually transmitted disease and tuberculosis (TB); availability of automatic external defibrillators (AED); mental health care screening, assessment, and treatment; substance abuse screening; suicide prevention; social service programs; library services; recreation services; education services to include a Memorandum of Understanding between the local court and school corporation; comprehensive education program, to include: 210 instructional days per year, and 6 or more hours of educational programming per day for juveniles in grades 7 through 12; course curriculum; and special education services. Statutory authority: IC 11-8-2-5; IC 31-31-8.

For purposes of IC 4-22-2-28.1, the Small Business Regulatory Coordinator for this rule is:
Tim J. Brown, Director of Legislative Services
Department of Correction
Indiana Government Center South
302 West Washington Street, Room E329
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 233-3252

For purposes of IC 4-22-2-28.1, the Small Business Ombudsman designated by IC 4-4-35-8 is:
Erik Scheub
Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
One North Capitol, Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-5679
Resources available to regulated entities through the small business ombudsman include the ombudsman's duties stated in IC 4-4-35-8, specifically IC 4-4-35-8(9), investigating and attempting to resolve any matter regarding compliance by a small business with a law, rule, or policy administered by a state agency, either as a party to a proceeding or as a mediator.

Posted: 05/21/2014 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20140521-IR-210140186NIA
Composed: May 27,2018 11:50:59AM EDT
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