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Administrative Rules Oversight Committee Notice
One Year Requirement (IC 4-22-2-25)
LSA Document #12-584

June 25, 2013

Senator R. Michael Young, Chairperson
Administrative Rules Oversight Committee
c/o Legislative Services Agency
200 West Washington Street, Suite 301
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2789
Attn: Sarah Burkman, AROC Counsel

RE: LSA Document #12-584 Associated Equipment

Dear Senator Young,

On behalf of the Indiana Gaming Commission (Commission), I am submitting this notice to the Administrative Rules Oversight Committee in compliance with IC 4-22-2-25, because the Commission has determined that the promulgation of the above-captioned rule may not be completed within one year after the publication of the Notice of Intent to Adopt a Rule. The Notice of Intent to Adopt a Rule for LSA Document #12-584 was published in the Indiana Register on October 31, 2012, with the DIN listed as: 20121031-IR-068120584NIA. Due to circumstances surrounding the rule, the Commission anticipated taking public questions until August, 2013.

Following the public hearing in August, the agency must adopt the rule at a quarterly Commission business meeting and then submit the rule for approval from the appropriate state agencies. The agency expects the rule to be approved by the Governor by June 1, 2014.

This notice setting forth the expected date of approval of LSA Document #12-584 as June 1, 2014, is being submitted in a timely manner. July 8, 2013, is the two hundred fiftieth day after publication of the Notice of Intent to Adopt a Rule.


David P Johnson
Indiana Gaming Commission

Posted: 07/03/2013 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20130703-IR-068120584ARA
Composed: Jun 20,2018 10:43:34PM EDT
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