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Emergency Rule
LSA Document #13-25(E)


Adds noncode provisions to establish a season in spring 2013 for taking lesser snow geese and Ross's geese in support of a federal effort to control the numbers of these geese. Effective February 1, 2013.

SECTION 1. (a) This SECTION of this document is supplemental to 312 IAC 9-4.

(b) An individual may take a lesser snow goose (Anser caerulescens) or a Ross's goose (Anser rossii) under this SECTION of this document from:
(1) February 16, 2013, through March 31, 2013, in the following counties:
(A) Adams.
(B) Allen.
(C) Boone.
(D) Clay.
(E) Dekalb.
(F) Elkhart.
(G) Greene.
(H) Hamilton.
(I) Hancock.
(J) Hendricks.
(K) Huntington.
(L) Johnson.
(M) Kosciusko.
(N) LaGrange.
(O) LaPorte.
(P) Madison.
(Q) Marion.
(R) Marshall.
(S) Morgan.
(T) Noble.
(U) Parke.
(V) Shelby.
(W) Starke.
(X) Steuben.
(Y) St. Joseph.
(Z) Sullivan.
(AA) Vermillion.
(BB) Vigo.
(CC) Wells.
(DD) Whitley.
(2) February 1, 2013, to March 31, 2013, in all other Indiana counties.

(c) In order to hunt a lesser snow goose or a Ross's goose under this SECTION, an individual must satisfy all of the following requirements:
(1) Possess one (1) of the following valid Indiana hunting licenses:
(A) resident yearly hunting license under IC 14-22-12-1(a)(2);
(B) resident yearly hunting and fishing license under IC 14-22-12-1(a)(3);
(C) nonresident yearly hunting license under IC 14-22-12-1(a)(6);
(D) nonresident five-day hunting license under IC 14-22-12-1(a)(10);
(E) nonresident youth yearly hunting license under IC 14-22-12-1(a)(25);
(F) resident youth consolidated hunting and trapping license under IC 14-22-12-1(a)(24) or IC 14-22-11-10(b);
(G) disabled American veteran's hunting license under IC 14-22-12-1.5;
(H) an apprentice hunting license of the types identified in clauses (A) through (F) under IC 14-22-12-1.7;
(I) lifetime basic hunting license under IC 14-22-12-7(a)(2);
(J) lifetime comprehensive hunting license under IC 14-22-12-7(a)(4);
(K) lifetime comprehensive hunting and fishing license under IC 14-22-12-7(a)(5);
or be exempt from needing a license as authorized in IC 14-22-11-1.
(2) Possess a valid Indiana waterfowl stamp privilege issued under IC 14-22-7-4.

(d) In addition to the requirements in subsection (c), an individual must obtain a free permit from the department to take a lesser snow goose or Ross's goose under this SECTION.

(e) Notwithstanding 312 IAC 9-4-2, an individual taking a lesser snow goose or Ross's goose under this SECTION is exempted from the requirements to register for and possess an identification number through the Harvest Information Program.

SECTION 2. SECTION 1 of this document expires on April 1, 2013.

LSA Document #13-25(E)
Filed with Publisher: January 14, 2013, 10:51 a.m.

Posted: 01/16/2013 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20130116-IR-312130025ERA
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