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Notice of Public Hearing
LSA Document #12-198

Notice of Public Hearing

Under IC 4-22-2-24, notice is hereby given that on December 6, 2012, at 11:00 a.m. at the Indiana Government Center South, 402 West Washington Street, Conference Center Room #1, Indianapolis, Indiana, the State Board of Funeral and Cemetery Service will hold a public hearing on proposed rules to amend 832 IAC 2-1-1 concerning definitions, fees, and reports, amend 832 IAC 2-1-2 concerning fees, amend 832 IAC 2-1-4 concerning notice of changes in circumstances, amend 832 IAC 2-1-5 concerning notifications, amend 832 IAC 2-2-2 concerning cremation, burial permit requirements, and written authority, add 832 IAC 2-2-2.1 concerning simultaneous cremation, amend 832 IAC 2-2-4 concerning professional conduct, amend 832 IAC 3-1-1 concerning approved college, school, or department of mortuary science, amend 832 IAC 3-2-1 concerning funeral director internships, amend 832 IAC 3-2-2 concerning recognized funeral service intern examinations, amend 832 IAC 3-2-3 concerning funeral director intern case reports, amend 832 IAC 3-2-4 concerning requirements for third and subsequent takings of funeral director license examination, amend 832 IAC 3-3-2 concerning funeral director license and out-of-state applicants, amend 832 IAC 3-3-5 concerning effect of expired funeral director license, amend 832 IAC 4-1-1 concerning continuing education requirements, amend 832 IAC 4-1-2 concerning continuing education, amend 832 IAC 4-1-3 concerning sponsors, amend 832 IAC 4-2-2 concerning continuing education requirements for license reinstatement, amend 832 IAC 4-2-4 concerning application of renewal for license, add 832 IAC 5-1-0.5 concerning licensure procedure, amend 832 IAC 5-1-1 concerning applicant affidavit, amend 832 IAC 5-1-1.1 concerning inspections, add 832 IAC 5-1-1.2 concerning records, amend 832 IAC 5-1-3 concerning plumbing requirements and back-syphonage protection systems, amend 832 IAC 5-1-4 concerning embalming rooms, construction fixtures, and equipment and use requirements, amend 832 IAC 5-2-1 concerning display of license, amend 832 IAC 5-2-2 concerning required employment of embalmers by unqualified funeral directors, amend 832 IAC 5-2-4 concerning supervised funeral service limited to licensees, amend 832 IAC 5-2-5 concerning duplicate licenses at all locations where associated, amend 832 IAC 6-1-1 concerning notifications affecting preneed contracts, add 832 IAC 6-1-3 concerning payment of trust and escrow funds and documentation required, amend 832 IAC 7-1-1 concerning definitions, amend 832 IAC 7-2-1 concerning preneed contract, amend 832 IAC 7-2-4 concerning bank trust deposits, amend 832 IAC 7-2-5 concerning cash advance item and sales tax collections, amend 832 IAC 7-2-6 concerning duplicate contracts, add 832 IAC 7-2-7.1 concerning inability to perform contractual duties, amend 832 IAC 7-2-8 concerning consumer protection charges, amend 832 IAC 7-2-9 concerning consumer protection fund disclosure, amend 832 IAC 7-2-10 concerning excess funds and IC 30-2-10 trust, amend 832 IAC 7-2-12 concerning requirements to make records available to board, add 832 IAC 7-2-13 concerning unlawful inducement, add 832 IAC 8-1-1 concerning definitions, add 832 IAC 8-1-2 concerning purpose of the preneed consumer protection fund, add 832 IAC 8-1-3 concerning requests for restitution, add 832 IAC 8-1-4 concerning board approval of disbursement, add 832 IAC 8-1-5 concerning interest, add 832 IAC 8-2-1 concerning definitions, add 832 IAC 8-2-2 concerning purpose of the consumer protection fund for cemetery maintenance, add 832 IAC 8-2-3 concerning request for maintenance assistance, add 832 IAC 8-2-4 concerning approval or disapproval and notice of termination, and repeal 832 IAC 3-3-4, 832 IAC 4-1-4, 832 IAC 4-2-1, 832 IAC 5-2-3, 832 IAC 5-2-6, 832 IAC 7-1-2, 832 IAC 7-1-3, 832 IAC 7-1-5, 832 IAC 7-1-6, 832 IAC 7-1-7, 832 IAC 7-1-8, 832 IAC 7-1-9, 832 IAC 7-2-7, and 832 IAC 7-2-11.
The proposed rules would require records be kept in a secure manner in a vault or fire-proof container with a properly certified fire resistant capability of at least one hour, or on computer readable media, on microfilm, or duplicate copies kept off site resulting in a minimal cost of $1 per year. The proposed rules would also require funeral homes with embalming rooms to be equipped with either wet or dry hand sanitizer at a minimal cost of $28 per year.
Supporting Data, Studies, or Analyses:
Hazard Communication Standard, Formaldehyde Standard, and Bloodborne Pathogens:
Computer diskettes:
Wet sanitizer:
Copies of these rules are now on file at the office of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, Indiana Government Center South, 402 West Washington Street, Room W072 and Legislative Services Agency, Indiana Government Center North, 100 North Senate Avenue, Room N201, Indianapolis, Indiana and are open for public inspection.

Frances L. Kelly
Executive Director
Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

Posted: 10/10/2012 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20121010-IR-832120198PHA
Composed: Apr 23,2018 3:38:24PM EDT
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