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Administrative Rules Oversight Committee Notice
60 Day Requirement (IC 4-22-2-19)
LSA Document #12-54

June 14, 2012

Representative Jeffrey Thompson, Chairperson
Administrative Rules Oversight Committee
c/o Legislative Services Agency
200 West Washington Street, Suite 301
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2789

Attn: Sarah Burkman

RE: LSA Documents #12-54 - Choice Scholarship Rule

Dear Representative Thompson:

On behalf of the Indiana Department of Education, I am submitting this notice to the Administrative Rules Oversight Committee in compliance with IC 4-22-2-19, which requires an agency to begin the rulemaking process not later than sixty (60) days after the effective date of the statute that authorizes the rule.

The choice scholarship authorizing statute became effective on July 1, 2011, but due to additional collaboration with numerous stakeholders, the rulemaking process was started more than sixty (60) days after the effective date of the statute. The notice of intent for this rule was published in the Indiana Register on January 25, 2012 (DIN: 20120125-IR-512120054NIA).

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 232-0592.


Michelle McKeown
Director of Legal Affairs
Indiana Department of Education

Posted: 07/04/2012 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20120704-IR-512120054ARA
Composed: Apr 21,2018 4:06:26AM EDT
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