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Title: Interpretation of 836 IAC 2-7.2-3(d)(2)(B)

Date: May 31, 2012

Purpose: To permit emergency medical technician-intermediate providers, in the event of a shortage of a listed drug, to substitute a drug in the same pharmacological class as the listed drug, when approved by the provider's medical director.

Interpretation: The Indiana Emergency Medical Services Commission interprets this rule as follows:
In the event of unavailability of any drug listed in 836 IAC 2-7.2-3(d)(2)(B), due to a drug shortage, the emergency medical technician-intermediate provider may, with the approval of the provider's medical director, substitute a drug in the same pharmacological class, as determined by the United States Food and Drug Administration, as the drug of which there is a shortage.

Posted: 06/13/2012 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20120613-IR-836120291NRA
Composed: Jun 17,2018 8:30:30PM EDT
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