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Economic Impact Statement
LSA Document #11-676

IC 4-22-2.1-5 Statement Concerning Rules Affecting Small Businesses
This proposed rule amends 839 IAC 1-1-4, 839 IAC 1-2-1 through 839 IAC 1-2-2.1, 839 IAC 1-2-5, 839 IAC 1-5-1, 839 IAC 1-5-2, 839 IAC 1-5-3, and 839 IAC 1-6-1 through 839 IAC 1-6-3 and adds 839 IAC 1-1-6, 839 IAC 1-1-7, 839 IAC 1-1-8, and 839 IAC 1-5.5 to implement rules based on IC 25-23.6-8.5 to establish educational, experience, licensing, fees, and continuing education requirements for mental health counselor associates and with the requirements of IC 25-23.6-10.5 allowing for the establishment of educational, experience, licensing, and continuing education requirements for addiction counselors and clinical addiction counselors. Upon review, the Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board estimates that there will be no annual reporting, administrative costs, or record keeping requirements incurred by small businesses to comply with this rule. Mental health counselor associates, licensed addiction counselors, and licensed clinical addiction counselors individually address their license applications and renewals to ensure proper licensure in the state of Indiana. The businesses that employ their services are not involved in the administration of these licenses, other than verifying their status; therefore, no administrative costs or record keeping for small business is involved in the fee requirement or any of the other proposed rule amendments and additions.

Posted: 04/18/2012 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20120418-IR-839110676EIA
Composed: Apr 25,2018 4:51:57AM EDT
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