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Emergency Rule
LSA Document #12-129(E)


Temporarily amends 312 IAC 5-7-14, which governs the operation of watercraft on the Tippecanoe River in White County, including Lake Shafer, to establish a 10 mile per hour speed limit on the portions of Lake Shafer or its tributaries where dredging operations are scheduled from May 1, 2012, through December 15, 2013. Effective May 1, 2012.

SECTION 1. A person must not operate a watercraft in excess of ten (10) miles an hour on Lake Shafer or its tributaries in White County in a part of section 21, Liberty Township 28 north, range 3 west in an area described as follows:
(1) From a point in White County at (UTM 518860.0 east) and (UTM 4523700.0 north).
(2) Extending northeasterly following the meander of Lake Shafer approximately twelve thousand (12,000) feet to a point in White County in part of section 15, Liberty Township 28 north, range 3 west to the north end of West Sunset Court (UTM 521100 east) and (UTM 452600 north).

SECTION 2. The restriction described in SECTION 1 of this document is in addition to those set forth in 312 IAC 5-7-14.

SECTION 3. SECTIONS 1 and 2 of this document become effective May 1, 2012.

LSA Document #12-129(E)
Filed with Publisher: March 13, 2012, 10:58 a.m.

Posted: 04/11/2012 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20120411-IR-312120129ERA
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