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Emergency Rule
LSA Document #12-161(E)


Temporarily adds rules concerning scratch-off game number 0336. Statutory authority: IC 4-30-3-9. Effective March 29, 2012.

SECTION 1. The name of the scratch-off game number 0336 is "Lucky Lines".

SECTION 2. Tickets in scratch-off game number 0336 shall sell for three dollars ($3) per ticket, unless otherwise adjusted by temporary price reductions or other promotional activities conducted or authorized by the commission.

SECTION 3. (a) Each ticket in scratch-off game number 0336 shall contain a total of fifty-three (53) play symbols.

(b) Each play symbol includes a caption that corresponds with and verifies the play symbol as follows:

(c) The play symbols located in the area labeled "YOUR SYMBOLS" may be used throughout the game play data area. However, each horizontal row within a game area on a ticket in scratch-off game number 0336 is played separately and the play symbols in one (1) horizontal row cannot be used as play or prize symbols in another row.

(1) retailer validation code;
(2) game/pack/ticket number; and
(3) validation number;
are for commission or retailer use only and cannot be used or played as a play or prize symbol to win a prize.

SECTION 5. (a) To play a ticket in scratch-off game number 0336, the ticket must be validly purchased and the scratch-off material covering the game play data area must be fully removed.

(b) If the play symbols revealed in the "YOUR SYMBOLS" game area match all of the play symbols in any horizontal line, then the ticket may be redeemed for the prize amount that appears to the right of and corresponds with the play symbols in that line.

SECTION 6. (a) The approximate number of possible prizes and the estimated odds for each prize level are as follows:

Total value of all prizes*: $6,065,096
Prize payout: 66.76%
Overall odds: 1 in 3.81
Print quantity: 3,028,400 (-3%/+1%)

(b) The number of prizes and the estimated odds provided in subsection (a) are calculated based on print quantity. The actual number of prizes and the chances of winning a prize will vary depending on the actual quantity of tickets printed and as prizes are claimed.

(c) If the print quantity is changed during production of this game or due to subsequent reorders of the game, the ratio of prizes and total value of all prizes to the print quantity will be proportionately maintained so that the overall odds and prize payout percentage will approximate the values provided in subsection (a).

SECTION 7. This document expires sixty (60) days after the last claim date in scratch-off game 0336.

LSA Document #12-161(E)
Filed with Publisher: March 29, 2012, 3:26 p.m.

Posted: 04/04/2012 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20120404-IR-065120161ERA
Composed: May 23,2018 1:30:21AM EDT
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