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Information Bulletin #2 (Fifth Amendment)
February 1, 2012

SUBJECT: Roster of Indiana Animals, Insects, and Plants that Are Extirpated, Endangered, Threatened, or Rare (also described as Special Concern).

The initial roster was published February 1, 1992 (15 IR 848); republished April 1, 1992 (15 IR 1312); and subsequently amended to include additional species and published on February 1, 2005 (28 IR 1581).
Since 2005, revisions have been made to several of the endangered species lists in this document. The term "special concern" replaces the references to "rare" as it relates to wild animals and is expanded to include species in a legal status transition. Federal funding is available for species that are endangered or of special concern, which also supports the modification of the definition of species of "special concern". The classification of a wild animal as "extirpated" is problematic, and the list of "extirpated" mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans, mollusks, and fish is removed. The classification "extirpated" implies that a species has no legal status in Indiana, just because it is no longer found in Indiana. Determining that a species is actually extirpated can be extremely difficult for cryptic species, such as mussels, some turtles, some birds, and others. Additionally, animals are mobile and may attempt to recolonize Indiana, making an accurate list very difficult to maintain.
In the fourth amendment of this document (posted at 20070815-IR-312070469NRA on August 15, 2007), "rare", "threatened", and "extirpated" classifications for insect species were retained. Classification definitions were added for vascular plant species. In this document, species are reclassified and scientific names are modified.

Following is a roster of animals, insects, and plants considered in Indiana by the Department of Natural Resources to be extirpated, endangered, threatened, or rare (also described as special concern). The roster is intended to help identify these animals and plants, and the hope is that a better understanding of the fragility of these species will promote intelligent land use decisions. This roster may also be cross-referenced in rules and other documents directed to land use management.
Inclusion of an animal or plant on the roster is determined based on the best current information available. Adjustments to the listing will be required as additional data becomes available to the department and as the conditions of species change. For this reason, adjustments will be needed periodically to this roster, and those adjustments will be set forth in later editions of the roster.
Additional information concerning particular species included on the roster may be obtained from the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife and Division of Nature Preserves. For more information, or to suggest additions, deletions, or modifications to the listing, contact the following:
For Amphibians, Birds, Crustaceans, Fish, Mammals, Mollusks, and Reptiles:
Wildlife Section
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Division of Fish and Wildlife
402 West Washington Street, Room W273
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Telephone: (317) 232-4080

For Insects and Plants:
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Division of Nature Preserves
402 West Washington Street, Room W267
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Telephone: (317) 232-8059

This section sets forth the classifications used in Indiana for wild animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, mollusks, and crustaceans. The classifications used for insects and plants are set forth in Section IV(G) and Section V respectively.
"Endangered" means any animal species or subspecies whose prospects for survival or recruitment within the state are in immediate jeopardy and are in danger of disappearing from the state. This includes all species classified as endangered by the federal government that occur in Indiana.
"Special Concern" means an animal species requiring monitoring because of known or suspected vulnerability, limited abundance, or distribution in Indiana or a change in legal status or required habitat of the species of animal has occurred.

1. Endangered
Myotis sodalis, "Indiana bat"
Myotis grisescens, "gray bat"
Nycticeius humeralis, "evening bat"
Neotoma magister, "Allegheny woodrat"
Sylvilagus aquaticus, "Swamp rabbit"
Spermophilus franklinii, "Franklin's ground squirrel"
2. Special Concern
Sorex hoyi, "pygmy shrew"
Sorex fumeus, "smoky shrew"
Condylura cristata, "star-nosed mole"
Myotis austroriparius, "southeastern bat"
Myotis lucifugus, "little brown myotis"
Myotis septentrionalis, "northern myotis"
Lasionycteris noctivagans, "silver-haired bat"
Pipistrellus subflavus, "eastern pipistrelle"
Lasiurus borealis, "red bat"
Lasiurus cinereus, "hoary bat"
Plecotus rafinesquii, "Rafinesque's big-eared bat"
Geomys bursarius, "plains pocket gopher"
Lutra canadensis, "river otter"
Mustela nivalis, "least weasel"
Taxidea taxus, "badger"
Felis rufus, "bobcat"
1. Endangered
Botaurus lentiginosus, "American bittern"
Ixobrychus exilis, "least bittern"
Nycticorax nycticorax, "black-crowned night heron"
Nyctanassa violacea, "yellow-crowned night heron"
Cygnus buccinator, "trumpeter swan"
Pandion haliaetus, "osprey"
Circus cyaneus, "northern harrier"
Falco peregrinus, "peregrine falcon"
Laterallus jamaicensis, "black rail"
Rallus elegans, "king rail"
Rallus limicola, "Virginia rail"
Gallinula chloropus, "common moorhen"
Grus americana, "whooping crane"
Charadrius melodus, "piping plover"
Bartramia longicauda, "upland sandpiper"
Sturnula antillarum, "least tern"
Chlidonias niger, "black tern"
Tyto alba, "barn owl"
Asio flammeus, "short-eared owl"
Cisothorus platensis, "sedge wren"
Cisothorus palustris, "marsh wren"
Lanius ludovicianus, "loggerhead shrike"
Dendroica cerulean, "cerulean warbler"
Vermivora chrysoptera, "golden-winged warbler"
Dendroica kirtlandii, "Kirtland's warbler"
Ammodramus henslowii, "Henslow's sparrow"
Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus, "yellow-headed blackbird"
2. Special Concern
Ardea alba, "great egret"
Ictinia mississippiensis, "Mississippi kite"
Haliaeetus leucocephalus, "bald eagle"
Accipiter striatus, "sharp-shinned hawk"
Buteo lineatus, "red-shouldered hawk"
Buteo platypterus, "broad-winged hawk"
Grus canadensis, "sandhill crane"
Pluvialis dominica, "American Golden-Plover"
Tringa solitaria, "Solitary Sandpiper"
Tringa melanoleuca, "Greater Yellowlegs"
Arenaria interpres, "Ruddy turnstone"
Tryngites subruficollis, "Buff-breasted Sandpiper"
Phalaropus tricolor, "Wilson's phalarope"
Chordeiles minor, "common nighthawk"
Caprimulgus vociferous, "whippoorwill"
Mniotilta varia, "black-and-white warbler"
Helmitheros virmivorum, "worm-eating warbler"
Wilsonia citrina, "hooded warbler"
Sturnella neglecta, "western meadowlark"
1. Endangered
Nerodia erythrogaster neglecta, "copper-bellied watersnake"
Thamnophis butleri, "Butler's gartersnake"
Clonophis kirtlandii, "Kirtland's snake"
Cemophora coccinea, "scarletsnake"
Opheodrys vernalis, "smooth greensnake"
Tantilla coronata, "southeastern crowned snake"
Agkistrodon piscivorus, "cottonmouth"
Sistrurus catenatus, "massasauga"
Crotalus horridus, "timber rattlesnake"
Kinosternon subrubrum, "eastern mud turtle"
Clemmys guttata, "spotted turtle"
Pseudemys concinna, "river cooter"
Macrochelys temminckii, "alligator snapping turtle"
Emydoidea blandingii, "Blanding's turtle"
Terrapene ornata, "ornate box turtle"
2. Special Concern
Thamnophis proximus, "western ribbonsnake"
Farancia abacura, "red-bellied mudsnake"
Opheodrys aestivus, "rough greensnake"
Terrapene carolina, "eastern box turtle"
1. Endangered
Cryptobranchus alleganiensis, "hellbender"
Pseudotriton ruber, "red salamander"
Aneides aeneus, "green salamander"
Lithobates areolatus, "crawfish frog"
Lithobates blairi, "plains leopard frog"
Ambystoma talpoideum, "mole salamander"
2. Special Concern
Necturus maculosus, "common mudpuppy"
Ambystoma laterale, "blue-spotted salamander"
Ambystoma barbouri, "streamside salamander"
Hemidactylium scutatum, "four-toed salamander"
Acris crepitans, "northern cricket frog"
Lithobates pipiens, "northern leopard frog"
1. Endangered
Icthyomyzon fossor, "northern brook lamprey"
Acipenser fulvescens, "lake sturgeon"
Clinostomus elongatus, "redside dace"
Hybopsis amnis, "pallid shiner"
Moxostoma valenciennisi, "greater redhorse"
Amblyopsis spelaea, "northern cavefish"
Lepomis symmetricus, "bantam sunfish"
Etheostoma variatum, "variegate darter"
Percina copelandi,"channel darter"
Percina evides, "gilt darter"
2. Special Concern
Notropis anogenus, "pugnose shiner"
Notropis dorsalia, "bigmouth shiner"
Rhinichthys cataratae, "longnose dace"
Catostomus catostomus, "longnose sucker"
Noturus stigmosus, "northern madtom"
Esox masquinongy ohioensis, "ohio river muskellunge"
Coregonus artedii, "cisco"
Coregonus clupeaformis, "lake whitefish"
Percopsis omiscomaycus, "trout-perch"
Cottus cognatus, "slimy sculpin"
Elassoma zonatum,"banded pygmy sunfish"
Ammocrypta clara, "western sand darter"
Etheostoma maculatum, "spotted darter"
Etheostoma proeliare, "cypress darter"
Etheostoma Tippecanoe, "tippecanoe darter"
1. Endangered
Quadrula cylindrica, "rabbitsfoot"
Plethobasus cyphyus, "sheepnose"
Pleurobema clava, "clubshell"
Pleurobema pyramidatum, "pyramid pigtoe"
Cyprogenia stegaria, "fanshell"
Epioblasma triquetra, "snuffbox"
Plethobasus cooperianus, "orangefoot pimpleback"
Lampsilis abrupta, "pink mucket"
Potamilus capax, "fat pocketbook"
Pleurobema plenum, "rough pigtoe"
Epioblasma torulosa torulosa, "tuberculed blossom"
Epioblasma obliquata perobliqua, "white catspaw"
Epioblasma torulosa rangiana, "northern riffleshell"
Fusconaia subrutunda, "longsolid"
Plethobasus cicatricosus, "white wartyback"
2. Special Concern
Simpsonaias ambigua, "salamander mussel"
Pleurobema cordatum, "Ohio pigtoe"
Lampsilis fasciola, "wavyrayed lampmussel"
Venustaconcha ellipsiformis, "ellipse"
Villosa fabalis, "rayed bean"
Villosa lienosa, "little spectaclecase"
Campleloma decisum, "pointed campeloma"
Lymnaea stagnalis, "swamp lymnaea"
Toxolasma lividus, "purple lilliput"
Obovaria subrotunda, "round hickorynut"
Ptychobrancus fasciolaris, "kidneyshell"
1. Extirpated: An insect is considered state extirpated if any of the following three conditions occur: (a) A species is declared extirpated by a specialist for the species, family, or order to which the insect belongs. (b) A species has not been located in Indiana as a naturally occurring breeding population for more than 15 years, but the species exists outside Indiana as a wild population. (c) A species appears on a federal list as being extirpated in Indiana. Applying this standard, the following species are believed extirpated in Indiana:
Ephemeroptera (Mayflies)
Pentagenia robusta, "robust pentagenian burrowing mayfly"
Odonata (Dragonflies; Damselflies)
Somatochlora hineana, "Hine's emerald"
Neuroptera (Lacewings; Antlions; Owlflies; Snakeflies)
Polystoechotes punctatus, "a giant lacewing"
Coleoptera (Beetles)
Nicrophorus americanus, "American burying beetle"
Lepidoptera (Butterflies; Skippers)
Enodia creola, "Creole pearly-eye"
Lycaena epixanthe, "bog copper"
Oarisma powesheik, "Powesheik skipperling"
Lepidoptera (Moths)
Papaipema eryngii, "rattlesnake-master borer moth"
2. Endangered: An insect species is considered state endangered if its prospects for survival or recruitment within Indiana are in immediate jeopardy, and is in danger of disappearing from the state, where any of the following three conditions occur: (a) A species which may occur in Indiana is classified as endangered by the federal government. (b) A species is biologically dependent on a threatened or endangered plant species. (c) A species is known from fewer than five sites in Indiana.
An insect is also considered endangered if the insect is listed as extirpated but is later rediscovered in Indiana, whether the population is endemic or believed to be recently adventive. The discovery of any life stage of an extirpated or endangered species is fiduciary evidence that a population exists.
An endangered species of insect does not include any of the following: (a) A species that is not known as a population in Indiana but which ranges into the state from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, or Kentucky. (b) A nonregulated adventive species. (c) A species regulated under IC 14-24 and 312 IAC 18-3 (including a species used for biological control).
Applying this standard, the following insect species are listed as endangered:
Collembola (Springtails)
Arrhopalites ater, "black medusa springtail"
Arrhopalites benitus, "a springtail"
Arrhopalites bimus, "springtail"
Folsomides americanus, "small springtail"
Hypogastrura helena, "Helen's springtail"
Hypogastrura lucifuga, "Wyandotte Cave sprintail"
Isotoma christianseni, "Christiansen's springtail"
Micranurida harti, "Hart's springtail"
Pseudosinella collina, "hilly springtail"
Sinella avita, "ancestral springtail"
Sinella barri, "Barr's Cave springtail"
Tomocerus missus, "cave springtail"
Thysanura (Silverfish)
Campodea plusiochaeta, "a dipluran"
Ephemeroptera (Mayflies)
Epeorus namatus, "a mayfly"
Homoeoneuria ammophila, "a sand-filtering mayfly"
Pseudiron centralis, "a mayfly"
Raptoheptagenia cruentata, "a flatheaded mayfly"
Siphloplecton interlineatum, "a sand minnow mayfly"
Spinadis wallacei, "Wallace's deepwater mayfly"
Odonata (Dragonflies; Damselflies)
Aeshna canadensis, "Canada darner"
Aeshna clepsydra, "mottled darner"
Arigomphus cornutus, "horned clubtail"
Arigomphus furcifer, "lilypad clubtail"
Arigomphus lentulus, "stillwater clubtail"
Calopteryx aequabilis, "river jewelwing"
Calopteryx angustipennis, "Appalachian jewelwing"
Celithemis monomelaena, "black spotted skimmer"
Celithemis verna, "double-ringed pennant"
Cordulegaster bilineata, "brown spiketail"
Cordulegaster diastatops, "Delta-spotted spiketail"
Cordulegaster erronea, "tiger spiketail"
Dorocordulia libera, "racket-tailed emerald"
Epitheca canis, "beaverpond baskettail"
Gomphus hybridus, "cocoa clubtail"
Ischnura prognata, "furtive forktail"
Macromia wabashensis, "Wabash River cruiser"
Nannothemis bella, "dwarf skimmer"
Nehalennia gracilis, "sphagnum sprite"
Neurocordulia molesta, "smoky shadowdragon"
Somatochlora ensigera, "lemon-faced emerald"
Stylogomphus albistylus, "least clubtail"
Stylurus laurae, "Laura's clubtail"
Stylurus notatus, "elusive clubtail dragonfly"
Stylurus scudderi,"zebra clubtail"
Sympetrum danae, "black meadowhawk"
Tetragoneuria spinigera, "spiny baskettail"
Orthoptera (Grasshoppers; Crickets)
Ceuthophilus brevipes, "spotted cave cricket"
Homoptera (Cicadas; Hoppers; Scales; Aphids)
Cicadetta calliope "small prairie cicada"
Flexamia robertsonii, "Robertson's flightless planthopper
Lepyronia gibbosa, "hill-prairie spittlebug"
Mesamia stramineus, "helianthus leafhopper"
Polyamia dilata, "the short-winged panic grass leafhopper"
Prairiana kansana, "the Kansas prairie leafhopper"
Texananus areolatus, "the ivory Texan leafhopper"
Coleoptera (Beetles)
Aleochara lucifuga, "a beetle"
Atheta annexa, "a beetle"
Atheta lucifuga, "light shunning rove beetle"
Batrisodes krekeleri, "cave beetle"
Catops gratiosa, "a beetle"
Cicindela marginipennis, "cobblestone tiger beetle"
Lissobiops serpentinus, "a rove beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus barri, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus chthonius, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus Emersoni, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus eremita, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus jeanneli, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus Leonae, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus Shilohensis, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus shilohensis boonensis, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus shilohensis mayfieldensis, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus tenuis blatchleyi, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus tenuis morrisoni, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus youngi, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus youngi donaldsoni, "cave beetle"
Ptomaphagus cavernicola, "cavernicolouis fungus beetle"
Mecoptera (Scorpionflies)
Merope tuber, "earwig scorpionfly"
Trichoptera (Caddisflies)
Goera stylata, "a northern casemaker caddisfly"
Homoplectra doringa, "a homoplectran caddisfly"
Pycnopsyche rossi, "a northern casemaker caddisfly"
Setodes oligius, "a caddisfly"
Lepidoptera (Butterflies; Skippers)
Boloria selene nebraskensis, "the Nebraska silver bordered frittillary"
Callophrys irus, "frosted elfin"
Callophrys polios, "hoary elfin"
Erynnis persius persius, "Persius dusky wing"
Glaucopsyche lygdamus couperi, "silvery blue"
Hesperia ottoe, "Ottoe skipper"
Lycaeides melissa samuelis, "Karner blue"
Lycaena xanthoides, "great copper"
Neonympha mitchellii mitchellii, "Mitchell's satyr"
Pieris oleracea, "eastern veined white"
Satyrodes appalachia appalachia, "Appalachian eyed brown"
Speyeria diana, "Diana fritillary"
Speyeria idalia, "regal fritillary"
Lepidoptera (Moths)
Aethes patricia
Catocala abreviatella, "the abbreviated leadplant underwing moth"
Catocala amestris, "the leadplant underwing moth"
Catocala antinympha, "the sweet fern underwing"
Catocala marmorata, "marbled underwing moth"
Cochylis ringsi
Exyra rolandiana, "Pitcher window moth"
Macrochilo bivitatta, "two-striped cord grass moth"
Melanchra assimilis, "the shadowy arches"
Mesapamea stipata, "the four-lined cordgrass borer"
Metarranthis apiciaria, "barrens metarranthis moth"
Nephopterix dammersi, "leadplant leafwebber moth"
Oligia obtusa, "a noctuid moth"
Papaipema appassionata, "the pitcher plant borer moth"
Phytometra ernestiana, "Ernestine's moth"
Schinia indiana, "phlox moth"
Schinia lucens, "leadplant flower moth"
Diptera (Flies)
Mydas brunneus, "the golden mydas fly"
3. Threatened: A state threatened species is one which is likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future, where any of the following three conditions occur: (a) A species which occurs in Indiana is classified as threatened by the federal government. (b) A species is biologically dependent upon a rare or threatened plant species. (c) A species is known from six to 10 sites in Indiana.
The discovery of a single life stage in situ is fiduciary evidence that a population exists. A threatened species does not include accidentals, adventive nonregulated species, nor any species subject to IC 14-24 and 312 IAC 18-3 (including a species used for biological control).
Applying this standard, the following insect species are listed as threatened:
Collembola (Springtails)
Arrhopalites lewisi, "Lewis' cave springtail"
Entomobrya socia, "social springtail"
Onychiurus casus, "fallen springtail"
Pseudosinella fonsa, "Fountain Cave springtail"
Sinella cavernarum, "a springtail"
Ephemeroptera (Mayflies)
Pentagenia vittigera, "a pentagenian burrowing mayfly"
Tortopus primus, "a mayfly"
Odonata (Dragonflies; Damselflies)
Aeshna mutata, "spatterdock darner"
Aeshna tuberculifera, "black-tipped darner"
Anax longipes, "comet darner"
Enallagma boreale, "boreal bluet"
Enallagma cyathigerum, "northern bluet"
Erpetogomphus designatus, "eastern ringtail"
Gomphus crassus, "handsome clubtail"
Gomphus lineatifrons, "splendid clubtail"
Gomphus quadricolor, "rapids clubtail"
Gomphus spicatus, "dusky clubtail"
Gomphus ventricosus, "skillet clubtail"
Gomphus viridifrons, "green-faced clubtail"
Ischnura kellicotti, "lilypad forktail"
Leucorrhinia frigida, "frosted whiteface"
Macromia pacifica, "gilded river cruiser"
Neurocordulia obsoleta, "umber shadowdragon"
Neurocordulia yamaskanensis, "stygian shadowfly"
Stylurus amnicola, "riverine clubtail"
Orthoptera (Grasshoppers; Crickets)
Eritettix simplex, "the velvet-stripe grasshopper"
Paroxya atlantica, "a grasshopper"
Paroxya hoosieri, "Hoosier locust"
Phoetaliotes nebrascensis, "large-headed grasshopper"
Pseudopomala brachyptera, "bunch grass locust"
Stethophyma lineatum, "striped sedge grasshopper"
Trimerotropis maritima, "the dune locust"
Homoptera (Cicadas; Hoppers; Scales; Aphids)
Dorydiella kansana
Flexamia reflexus, "Indiangrass flexamia"
Lepyronia angulifera, "angular spittlebug"
Paraphilaenus paralellus, "a spittle bug"
Paraphlepsius maculosus, "peppered paraphlepsius leafhopper"
Polyamia herbida, "the prairie panic grass leafhopper"
Neuroptera (Lacewings; Antlions: Owlflies; Snakeflies)
Climacia sp 1, "a spongilla fly"
Lomamyia banksi, "a beaded lacewing"
Lomamyia flavicornis, "a beaded lacewing"
Nallachius americanus, "a pleasing lacewing"
Sisyra sp 1, "Indiana spongilla fly"
Coleoptera (Beetles)
Dryobius sexnotatus, "six-banded longhorn beetle"
Necrophilus pettiti, "a carrion beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus tenuis, "cave beetle"
Pseudanophthalmus tenuis stricticollis, "Marengo Cave ground beetle"
Quedius spelaeus, "spelean rove beetle"
Mecoptera (Scorpionflies)
Boreus sp 1, "Virginia snow scorpionfly"
Trichoptera (Caddisflies)
Agapetus gelbae, "an agapetus caddisfly"
Agapetus illini, "an agapetus caddisfly"
Diplectrona metaqui, "a diplectronan caddisfly"
Lepidoptera (Butterflies; Skippers)
Amblyscirtes belli, "Bell's roadside-skipper"
Atrytonopsis hianna, "dusted skipper"
Boloria selene myrina, "slver-bordered fritillary"
Calephelis muticum, "swamp metalmark"
Celastrina neglectamajor, "Appalachian blue"
Celastrina nigra, "sooty azure"
Chlosyne harrisii, "Harris's checkerspot"
Erynnis lucilius, "columbine duskywing"
Erynnis martialis, "mottled duskywing"
Euchloe olympia, "Olympia marble"
Euphyes bimacula, "two-spotted skipper"
Euphyes dukesi, "scarce swamp skipper"
Hesperia metea, "cobweb skipper"
Hesperia sassacus, "Indian skipper"
Poanes viator viator, "big broad-winged skipper"
Problema byssus, "bunchgrass skipper"
Satyrodes eurydice fumosa, "smoky-eyed brown"
Speyeria aphrodite, "Aphrodite fritillary"
Lepidoptera (Moths)
Agrotis stigmosa
Apamea apamiformis, "a noctuid moth"
Apamea burgessi, "a noctuid moth"
Apamea lignicolora, "the wood-colored apamea"
Apamea lutosa, "opalescent apamea"
Apamea relicina, "a noctuid moth"
Apamea verbascoides, "the boreal apamea"
Archanara laeta
Bellura densa, "a noctuid moth"
Capis curvata, "a noctuid moth"
Catocala insolabilis, "the unconsolable underwing"
Chortodes enervata, "the many-lines cordgrass moth"
Chortodes inquinata, "tufted sedge moth"
Crambus murellus, "prairie sedge moth"
Cryptocala acadiensis, "catocaline dart"
Eosphoropteryx thyatyroides, "pinkpatched looper moth"
Ethmia fuscidepella, "a moth"
Eucoptocnemis fimbriaris, "a noctuid moth"
Eucoptocnemis tripars, "pearly dune moth"
Euxoa aurulenta, "dune cutworm"
Fagitana littera, "the marsh fern moth"
Faronta rubripennis, "the pine streak"
Hadena ectypa, "the starry campion moth"
Hemileuca sp 3, "midwestern fen buckmoth"
Hemipachnobia monochromatea, "the purple sundew moth"
Leucania multilinea
Leucania scirpicola
Loxagrotis acclivis, "a noctuid moth"
Loxagrotis grotei, "Grote's black-tipped quaker"
Lytrosis permagnaria, "a lytrosis moth"
Macrochilo louisiana
Meropleon ambifuscum, "Newman's brocade"
Oligia bridghami, "a noctuid moth"
Oncocnemis riparia, "the dune oncocnemis moth"
Pangrapta decoralis, "the multicolored huckleberry moth"
Papaipema astuta, "the stoneroot borer moth"
Papaipema beeriana, "Beer's blazing star borer moth"
Papaipema cerina, "golden borer moth"
Papaipema leucostigma, "columbine borer"
Papaipema lysimachiae, "The St. John'swort borer moth"
Papaipema maritima, "the giant sunflower borer moth"
Papaipema polymniae, "the cup plant borer moth"
Papaipema sciata, "the Culver's root borer"
Papaipema silphii, "silphium borer moth"
Papaipema speciosissima, "the royal fern borer moth"
Phalaenostola hanhami, "Hanham's rare sedge moth"
Platyperigea meralis, "the rare sand quaker"
Rhodoecia aurantiago, "aureolaria seed borer"
Schinia gloriosa, "the glorious blazing star flower moth"
Sitochroa dasconalis, "pearly indigo borer"
Spartiniphaga includens, "the included cordgrass borer"
Spartiniphaga panatela, "northern cordgrass norer"
Tampa dimediatella, "red-striped panic grass moth"
Tricholita notata, "marked noctuid"
Diptera (Flies)
Mydas tibialis, "golden legged mydas fly"
4. Rare: A state rare insect species is a species where problems of limited abundance or distribution in Indiana are known or reasonably suspected including the following: (a) A species that is known to be rare in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, or Kentucky. (b) A species that is biologically dependent upon a rare plant species.
A rare species references an established population. A rare species does not include accidentals, adventive nonregulated species, or other species regulated under IC 14-24 and 312 IAC 18-3 (including species used for biological control).
Applying this standard, the following species are listed as rare:
Collembola (Springtails)
Sinella alata, "springtail"
Odonata (Dragonflies; Damselflies)
Archilestes grandis, "great spreadwing"
Chromagrion conditum, "aurora damsel"
Cordulegaster maculata, "twin-spotted spiketail"
Cordulegaster obliqua, "arrowhead spiketail"
Enallagma divagans, "turquoise bluet"
Gomphus externus, "Plains clubtail"
Hagenius brevistylus, "dragonhunter"
Hetaerina titia, "smoky rubyspot"
Ladona julia, "chalk-fronted skimmer"
Macromia illinoiensis georgina, "Georgia River cruiser"
Nehalennia irene, "sedge sprite"
Ophiogomphus rupinsulensis, "rusty snaketail"
Somatochlora linearis, "mocha emerald"
Somatochlora tenebrosa, "clamp-tipped emerald"
Sympetrum semicinctum, "band-winged meadowhawk"
Tachopteryx thoreyi, "gray petaltail"
Orthoptera (Grasshoppers; Crickets)
Chloealtis conspersa, "sprinkled locust"
Conocephalus saltans, "prairie meadow katydid"
Hesperotettix viridis pratensis, "a grasshopper"
Melanoplus fasciatus, "huckleberry spur-throat grasshopper"
Melanoplus gracilis, "graceful spur-throated grasshopper"
Melanoplus keeleri luridus, "Keeler's spur-throated grasshopper"
Melanoplus tepidus, "the fearful barrens locust"
Melanoplus viridipes viridipes, "green-legged spur-throat grasshopper"
Neoconocephalus nebrascensis, "a katydid"
Orphulella pelidna, "green desert grasshopper"
Pardalophora phoenicoptera, "orange-winged grasshopper"
Psinidia fenestralis, "sand locust"
Homoptera (Cicadas; Hoppers; Scales; Aphids)
Bruchomorpha dorsata
Bruchomorpha extensa, "the long-nosed elephant hopper"
Chlorotettix fallax, "a leafhopper"
Chlorotettix vacuna, "the vacant chlorotettix"
Flexamia pyrops, "the long-nose three-awn leafhopper"
Mesamia nigridorsum, "a leafhopper"
Polyamia obtectus
Prosapia ignipectus, "red-legged spittle bug"
Coleoptera (Beetles)
Cicindela patruela, "a tiger beetle"
Dynastes tityus, "unicorn beetle"
Ochthebius putnamensis, "Indiana ochthebius minute moss beetle"
Stenelmis douglasensis, "Douglas Stenelmis riffle beetle"
Trichoptera (Caddisflies)
Nectopsyche pavida, "a longhorned casemaker caddisfly"
Lepidoptera (Butterflies; Skippers)
Achalarus lyciades, "the hoary edge skipper"
Amblyscirtes aesculapius, "lace-winged roadside-skipper"
Amblyscirtes hegon, "salt-and-pepper skipper"
Amblyscirtes vialis, "common roadside-skipper"
Artogeia virginiensis, "West Virginia white"
Autochton cellus, "gold-banded skipper"
Calephelis borealis, "northern metalmark"
Callophrys gryneus gryneus, "olive hairstreak"
Calycopis cecrops, "red-banded hairstreak"
Cyllopsis gemma, "gemmed satyr"
Enodia anthedon, "northern pearly-eye"
Euphydryas phaeton, "Baltimore"
Euphyes dion, "sedge skipper"
Fixsenia favonius, "northern hairstreak"
Hermeuptychia sosybius, "Carolina satyr"
Hesperia leonardus, "Leonard's skipper"
Lycaena dorcas dorcas, "dorcas copper"
Lycaena helloides, "purplish copper"
Parrhasius m-album, "white-M hairstreak"
Polygonia progne, "gray comma"
Satyrodes eurydice, "eyed brown"
Thorybes pylades, "northern cloudywing"
Lepidoptera (Moths)
Agrotis vetusta, "a moth"
Anepia capsularis, "the starry campion capsule moth"
Anomogyna janualis, "the red blueberry dart"
Apamea nigrior, "nlack-dashed apamea"
Bagisara rectifascia, "the rare mallow moth"
Catocala flebilis, "the black-dashed underwing moth"
Catocala gracilis, "graceful underwing"
Catocala praeclara, "praeclara underwing"
Catocala sordida, "the huckleberry underwing"
Chrysanympha formosa, "the huckleberry looper moth"
Coenochroa bipunctella, "sand dune panic grass moth"
Coenochroa illibella, "dune panic grass moth"
Coenophila opacifrons, "plain-faced blueberry dart"
Crambus girardellus, "orange-striped sedge moth"
Cycnia inopinatus, "the unexpected milkweed moth"
Dasychira cinnamomea, "a moth"
Dasychira dorsipennata, "pitch pine tussock moth"
Eubaphe meridiana, "a moth"
Eucosma bilineana
Eucosma bipunctella, "a moth"
Eucosma fulminana
Eucosma giganteana
Euxoa albipennis, "white-striped dart"
Gabara subnivosella, "a noctuid moth"
Grammia anna
Grammia figurata, "the figured grammia"
Grammia oithona, "Oithona's grammia"
Grammia phyllira, "the sand barrens grammia"
Grammia virguncula
Hemaris gracilis, "the blueberry clearwing sphinx"
Hemileuca nevadensis, "Nevada buck moth"
Herpetogramma thestealis
Himella intractata, "intractable quaker moth"
Holomelina opella, "the smokey holomelina"
Homohadena infixa, "broad-lined sallow"
Homophoberia cristata, "a noctuid moth"
Iodopepla u-album, "a noctuid moth"
Lacinipolia olivacea, "olive arches"
Lemmeria digitalis, "a noctuid moth"
Lesmone detrahens, "a moth"
Leucania inermis, "a moth"
Macrochilo absorptalis, "a moth"
Macrochilo hypocritalis, "a noctuid moth"
Melanomma auricinctaria, "huckleberry eye-spot moth"
Melipotis jucunda, "a noctuid moth"
Meropleon diversicolor, "a noctuid moth"
Monoleuca semifascia, "the zig-zag monoleuca"
Odontosia elegans, "elegant prominent"
Paectes abrostolella, "the barrens paectes moth"
Pagara simplex, "a moth"
Panthea furcilla
Papaipema harrisi, "heracleum stem borer moth"
Papaipema limpida, "the ironweed borer moth"
Papaipema marginidens, "the brick red borer moth"
Papaipema rigida, "a borer moth"
Papaipema rutila, "the mayapple borer moth"
Parasa indetermina, "a moth"
Peoria gemmatella, "gemmed cordgrass borer"
Pygarctia spraugei, "sprague's pygartic"
Pyrausta laticlavia, "the southern purple Mint moth"
Pyreferra ceromatica, "annointed sallow moth"
Schinia septentrionalis, "a noctuid moth"
Semiothisa eremiata, "the goat's rue looper"
Spartiniphaga inops, "spartina borer moth"
Sphinx luscitiosa, "the luscious willow sphinx"
Spilosoma latipennis, "the red-legged tussock moth"
Trichosilia manifesta, "a noctuid moth"
Ufeus plicatus, "folded satyr"
Xestia youngii, "Young blueberry dart"

1. Extirpated: A plant species that is believed to be originally native to Indiana but without any currently known populations within the state.
Adlumia fungosa, "climbing fumatory"
Anemone caroliniana, "Carolina anemone"
Arethusa bulbosa, "swamp-pink"
Asclepias meadii, "Mead's milkweed"
Astragalus tennesseensis, "Tennessee milk-vetch"
Aureolaria grandiflora var. pulchra, "large-flower false-foxglove"
Botrychium multifidum var. intermedium, "leathery grape –fern"
Circaea alpina, "small enchanter's nightshade"
Corallorhiza trifida var. verna, "early coralroot"
Dryopteris clintoniana, "Clinton woodfern"
Echinodorus berteroi, "burhead"
Epilobium ciliatum, "hairy willow-herb"
Eriophorum spissum, "dense cotton-grass"
Glyceria grandis, "American manna-grass"
Gnaphalium macounii, "winged cudweed"
Gymnopogon ambiguous, "broadleaf beardgrass"
Hippuris vulgaris,"common mare's-tail"
Hypericum frondosum, "golden St. John's-wort"
Lactuca ludoviciana, "western lettuce"
Lechea stricta, "upright pinweed"
Lemna perpusilla, "minute duckweed"
Lespedeza stuevei, "tall bush-clover"
Linnaea borealis, "twinflower"
Oenothera triloba, "stemless evening-primrose"
Oryzopsis pungens, "slender mountain-ricegrass"
Panicum mattamuskeetense, "a panic-grass"
Panicum rigidulum ssp. pubescens, "long-leaved panic grass"
Platanthera hookeri, "Hooker orchis"
Platanthera orbiculata, "large roundleaf orchid"
Poa cuspidata, "bluegrass"
Populus balsamifera, "balsam poplar"
Proboscidea louisianica, "Louisiana unicorn-plant"
Psoralea tenuiflora, "few-flowered scurf-pea"
Pteridium aquilinum var. pseudocaudatum, "bracken fern"
Pyrola secunda, "one-sided wintergreen"
Pyrola virens, "greenish-flowered wintergreen"
Rhynchospora nitens, "short beaked bald rush"
Rubus alumnus, "a bramble"
Rubus deamii, "Deam dewberry"
Rubus depavitus, "a bramble"
Rubus impar, "a bramble"
Sabatia campanulata, "slender marsh pink"
Scutellaria parvula var. parvula, "small skullcap"
Shepherdia canadensis, "Canada buffalo-berry"
Sorbus decora, "northern mountain-ash"
Stipa comata, "sewing needlegrass"
Trautvetteria caroliniensis, "Carolina tassel-rue"
Veronica americana, "American speedwell"
2. Endangered: A species of plant that is known to occur currently on five or fewer sites in Indiana.
Aconitum uncinatum, "blue monkshood"
Amelanchier humilis, "running serviceberry"
Arabis drummondii, "Drummond rockcress"
Arabis missouriensis var. deamii, "Missouri rockcress"
Arabis patens, "spreading rockcress"
Aralia hispida, "bristly sarsaparilla"
Arenaria patula, "Pitcher's stitchwort"
Armoracia aquatica, "lake cress"
Asclepias viridis, "green milkweed"
Asplenium bradleyi, "Bradley's spleenwort"
Asplenium montanum, "mountain spleenwort"
Asplenium resiliens, "black-stem spleenwort"
Aster schreberi, "Schreber aster"
Berberis canadensis, "American barberry"
Besseya bullii, "kitten tails"
Betula populifolia, "gray birch"
Botrychium simplex, "least grape-fern"
Brachyelytrum aristosum, "northern shorthusk"
Buchnera americana, "bluehearts"
Bumelia lycioides, "buckthorn"
Calamagrostis porteri ssp. porteri, "Porter's reedgrass"
Calla palustris, "wild calla"
Callirhoe triangulate, "clustered poppy-mallow"
Calopogon oklahomensis, "Oklahoma grass-pink"
Camassia angusta, "wild hyacinth"
Carex alopecoidea, "foxtail sedge"
Carex arctata, "black sedge"
Carex atherodes, "awned sedge"
Carex atlantica ssp capillacea, "Howe sedge"
Carex aureolensis, "land of gold sedge"
Carex brunnescens, "brownish sedge"
Carex cephaloidea, "thinleaf sedge"
Carex chordorrhiza, "creeping sedge"
Carex cumulata, "clustered sedge"
Carex disperma, "softleaf sedge"
Carex echinata, "little prickly sedge"
Carex gravida, "heavy sedge"
Carex leptonervia, "finely-nerved sedge"
Carex limosa, "mud sedge"
Carex livida, "livid sedge"
Carex oklahomensis, "Oklahoma sedge"
Carex pseudocyperus, "cyperus-like sedge"
Carex retrorsa, "retrorse sedge"
Carex scabrata, "rough sedge"
Carex timida, "timid sedge"
Carya pallida, "sand hickory"
Carya texana, "black hickory"
Ceanothus herbaceus, "prairie redroot"
Chamaelirium luteum, "devil's-bit"
Cimicifuga rubifolia, "Appalachian bugbane"
Cirsium hillii, "Hill's thistle"
Clintonia borealis, "Clinton lily"
Conioselinum chinense, "hemlock parsley"
Cornus amomum ssp amomum, "silky dogwood"
Cornus canadensis, "bunchberry"
Crataegus arborea, "a hawthorn"
Crataegus biltmoreana, "Biltmore hawthorn"
Crataegus chrysocarpa, "fineberry hawthorn"
Crataegus grandis, "grand hawthorn"
Crataegus kelloggii, "Kellogg hawthorn"
Crataegus prona, "Illinois hawthorn"
Crotonopsis elliptica, "elliptical rushfoil"
Cuscuta cuspidata, "cusp dodder"
Cuscuta indecora, "pretty dodder"
Cyperus dentatus, "toothed sedge"
Cyperus houghtonii, "Houghton's nutsedge"
Dentaria multifida, "divided toothwort"
Dicliptera brachiata, "wild mudwort"
Didiplis diandra, "water-purslane"
Dryopteris celsa, "log fern"
Echinodorus cordifolius, "creeping bur-head"
Echinodorus parvulus, "little bur-head"
Eleocharis bifida, "glades spikerush"
Eleocharis equisetoides, "horsetail spikerush"
Eleocharis microcarpa, "small-fruited spike-rush"
Epilobium angustifolium, "fireweed"
Equisetum sylvaticum, "woodland horsetail"Equisetum variegatum, "variegated horsetail"
Eriocaulon aquaticum, "pipewort"
Euphorbia obtusata, "bluntleaf spurge"
Euphorbia serpens,"matted broomspurge"
Fimbristylis annua, "annual fimbry"
Fimbristylis puberula, "Carolina fimbry"
Fragaria vesca var. americana, "woodland strawberry"
Gentiana villosa, "striped gentian"
Geranium bicknellii, "Bicknell northern crane's-bill"
Geum rivale, "purple avens"
Gleditsia aquatica, "water-locust"
Glyceria acutiflora, "sharp-scaled manna-grass"
Glyceria borealis, "small floating manna-grass"
Helianthus angustifolius, "swamp sunflower"
Hibiscus moscheutos ssp lasiocarpos, "hairy-fruited hibiscus"
Hydrocotyle americana, "American water-pennywort"
Hymenopappus scabiosaeus, "Carolina woollywhite"
Hypericum adpressum, "creeping St. John's-wort"
Hypericum gymnanthum, "clasping-leaved St. John's-wort"
Iliamna remota, "Kankakee globe-mallow"
Isoetes engelmannii, "Appalachian quillwort"
Itea virginica, "Virginia willow"
Juncus articulatus, "jointed rush"
Juncus militaris, "bayonet rush"
Juncus pelocarpus, "brown-fruited rush"
Juncus secundus, "secund rush"
Lathyrus maritimus var. glaber, "beach peavine"
Lathyrus ochroleucus, "pale vetchling peavine"
Leavenworthia uniflora, "Michaux leavenworthia"
Lechea racemulosa, "Illinois pinweed"
Lemna minima, "least duckweed"
Lemna valdiviana, "pale duckweed"
Leptochloa panicoides, "Amazon sprangle-top"
Lesquerella globosa, "Lesquereux's mustard"
Ligusticum canadense, "nondo lovage"
Limnobium spongia, "American frog's-bit"
Linum intercursum, "sandplain flax"
Lipocarpha drummondii, "Drummond hemicarpha"
Lithospermum incisum, "narrow-leaved puccoon"
Lonicera canadensis, "American fly-honeysuckle"
Ludwigia sphaerocarpa, "globe-fruited false-loosestrife"
Luzula acuminata, "hairy woodrush"
Lycopodiella inundata, "northern bog clubmoss"
Lycopodiella subappressa, "northern appressed bog clubmoss"
Lycopodium dendroideum, "treelike clubmoss"
Lycopus amplectens, "sessile-leaved bugleweed"
Lygodium palmatum, "climbing fern"
Magnolia acuminata, "cucumber magnolia"
Magnolia tripetala, "umbrella magnolia"
Malaxis unifolia, "green adder's-mouth"
Mecardonia acuminata, "purple mecardonia"
Melanthium virginicum, "Virginia bunchflower"
Melothria pendula, "creeping cucumber"
Mikania scandens, "climbing hempweed"
Monarda bradburiana, "eastern bee-balm"
Muhlenbergia capillaris, "long-awn hairgrass"
Muhlenbergia cuspidata, "plains muhlenbergia"
Myriophyllum pinnatum, "cutleaf water-milfoil"
Myriophyllum tenellum, "slender water-milfoil"
Onosmodium hispidissimum, "shaggy false-gromwell"
Orobanche fasciculata, "clustered broomrape"
Orobanche riparia, "bottomland broomrape"
Oryzopsis asperifolia, "white-grained mountain-ricegrass"
Pachysandra procumbens, "Allegheny spurge"
Panicum annulum, "a panic-grass"
Panicum bicknellii, "a panic-grass"
Panicum commonsianum var. addisonii, "Commons' panic-grass"
Panicum lucidum, "shining panic-grass"
Panicum scoparium, "broom panic-grass"
Panicum subvillosum, "a panic-grass"
Panicum yadkinense, "a panic-grass"
Penstemon canescens, "gray beard tongue"
Penstemon tubaeflorus, "tube penstemon"
Perideridia americana, "eastern eulophus"
Phacelia covillei, "buttercup scorpion-weed"
Phacelia ranunculacea, "blue scorpion-weed"
Phlox bifida ssp stellaria, "cleft phlox"
Phlox ovata, "mountain phlox"
Phlox pilosa ssp. deamii, "Deam's phlox"
Plantago cordata, "heart-leaved plantain"
Platanthera ciliaris, "Yellow-fringe orchis"
Platanthera dilatata, "leafy white orchis"
Platanthera flava var. flava, "southern rein orchid"
Platanthera leucophaea, "prairie white-fringed orchid"
Polygala incarnata, "pink milkwort"
Polygala paucifolia, "gay-wing milkwort"
Polygonum cilinode, "fringed black bindweed"
Polygonum hydropiperoides var. setaceum, "swamp smartweed"
Polytaenia nuttallii, "prairie parsley"
Potamogeton bicupulatus, "snail-seed pondweed"
Potamogeton epihydrus, "nuttall pondweed"
Potamogeton oakesianus, "Oakes pondweed"
Potamogeton pulcher, "spotted pondweed"
Potamogeton vaseyi, "Vasey's pondweed"
Pyrola asarifolia, "pink wintergreen"
Quercus prinoides, "dwarf chinquapin oak"
Ranunculus harveyi, "Harvey's buttercup"
Ranunculus laxicaulis, "Mississippi buttercup"
Ranunculus pusillus, "pursh buttercup"
Rhynchospora recognita, "globe beaked-rush"
Rubus centralis, "Illinois blackberry"
Rubus enslenii, "southern dewberry"
Rubus setosus, "small bristleberry"
Rudbeckia fulgida var. umbrosa, "coneflower"
Sanguisorba canadensis, "Canada burnet"
Satureja glabella var. angustifolia, "calamint"
Saxifraga forbesii, "Forbes saxifrage"
Scheuchzeria palustris ssp americana, "American scheuchzeria"
Schizachne purpurascens, "purple oat"
Schoenoplectus hallii, "Hall's bulrush"
Schoenoplectus smithii, "Smith's bulrush"
Schoenoplectus torreyi,"Torrey's bulrush"
Scirpus expansus, "bulrush"
Scleria muehlenbergii, "Muehlenberg's nutrush"
Scutellaria saxatilis, "rock skullcap"
Sida hermaphrodita, "Virginia mallow"
Silene ovata, "ovate catchfly"
Sisyrinchium montanum, "strict blue-eyed-grass"
Solidago buckleyi, "Buckley's goldenrod"
Solidago shortii, "Short's goldenrod"
Solidago squarrosa, "stout-ragged goldenrod"
Spigelia marilandica, "woodland pinkroot"
Spiranthes magnicamporum, "Great Plains ladies'-tresses"
Stachys clingmanii, "Clingman hedge-nettle"
Styrax grandifolius, "large-leaf snowbell"
Taxus canadensis, "American yew"
Thuja occidentalis, "northern white cedar"
Trichomanes boschianum, "filmy fern"
Trifolium reflexum var. glabrum, "buffalo clover"
Trifolium stoloniferum, "running buffalo clover"
Trillium cernuum var. macranthum, "nodding trillium"
Utricularia geminiscapa, "hidden-fruited bladderwort"
Utricularia radiata, "small swollen bladderwort"
Utricularia resupinata, "northeastern bladderwort"
Uvularia perfoliata, "bellwort"
Vaccinium myrtilloides, "velvetleaf blueberry"
Valeriana edulis, "hairy valerian"
Valeriana uliginosa, "marsh valerian"
Valerianella chenopodiifolia, "goose-foot corn-salad"
Verbesina virginica, "white crownbeard"
Vigurnum cassinoides, "northern wild-raisin"
Viburnum opulus var. americanum, "highbush-cranberry"
Viola egglestonii, "Eggleston's violet"
Viola hirsutula, "southern wood violet"
Vitis rupestris, "sand grape"
Wolffiella gladiata, "sword bogmat"
3. Threatened: A species of plant known to occur currently on six to 10 sites in Indiana.
Agalinis auriculata, "earleaf foxglove"
Agalinis skinneriana, "pale false foxglove"
Androsace occidentalis, "western rockjasmine"
Azolla caroliniana, "Carolina mosquito-fern"
Bacopa rotundifolia, "roundleaf water-hyssop"
Bidens beckii, "Beck water-marigold"
Calamagrostis porteri ssp insperata, "reed bent grass"
Calycocarpum lyonii, "cup-seed"
Carex atlantica ssp atlantica, "Atlantic sedge"
Carex bebbii, "Bebb's sedge"
Carex bushii, "Bush's sedge"
Carex conoidea, "prairie gray sedge"
Carex crawei, "Crawe sedge"
Carex decomposita, "cypress-knee sedge"
Carex flava, "yellow sedge"
Carex garberi, "elk sedge"
Carex gigantea, "large sedge"
Carex richardsonii, "Richardson sedge"
Carex straminea, "straw sedge"
Chaerophyllum procumbens var. shortii, "wild chervil"
Chimaphila umbellata ssp cisatlantica, "pipsissewa"
Chrysopsis villosa, "hairy golden-aster"
Chrysosplenium americanum, "American golden-saxifrage"
Cirsium pitcheri, "dune thistle"
Cladrastis lutea, "yellowwood"
Coeloglossum viride var. virescens, "long-bract green orchis"
Corydalis sempervirens, "pale corydalis"
Crataegus pedicellata, "scarlet hawthorn"
Crataegus viridis, "green hawthorn"
Eleocharis geniculata, "capitate spike-rush"
Eleocharis melanocarpa, "black-fruited spike-rush"
Eriophorum gracile, "slender cotton-grass"
Erysimum capitatum, "prairie-rocket wallflower"
Eupatorium album, "white thoroughwort"
Eupatorium incarnatum, "pink thoroughwort"
Festuca paradoxa, "cluster fescue"
Fuirena pumila, "dwarf umbrella-sedge"
Gaura filipes, "slender-stalked gaura"
Gentiana puberulenta, "downy gentian"
Geranium robertianum, "herb-Robert"
Heliotropium tenellum, "slender heliotrope"
Hottonia inflata, "featherfoil"
Hudsonia tomentosa, "sand-heather"
Hypericum denticulatum, "coppery St. John's-wort"
Hypericum pyramidatum, "great St. John's-wort"
Isoetes melanopoda, "blackfoot quillwort"
Juncus scirpoides, "scirpus-like rush"
Lathyrus venosus, "smooth veiny pea"
Liatris pycnostachya, "cattail gay-feather"
Ludwigia glandulosa, "cylindric-fruited seedbox"
Melica nitens, "three-flower melic grass"
Myosotis laxa, "smaller forget-me-not"
Najas gracillima, "thread-like naiad"
Panicum leibergii, "Leiberg's witchgrass"
Panicum verrucosum, "warty panic-grass"
Platanthera aquilonis, "northern green orchis"
Polygonum careyi, "Carey's smartweed"
Polygonum hydropiperoides var. opelousanum, "northeastern smartweed"
Potamogeton friesii, "Fries' pondweed"
Potamogeton praelongus, "white-stem pondweed"
Potamogeton strictifolius, "straight-leaf pondweed"
Potentilla anserina, "silverweed"
Rhexia mariana var. mariana, "Maryland meadow beauty"
Rhynchospora corniculata var. interior, "short-bristle horned-rush"
Rhynchospora scirpoides, "long-beaked bald rush"
Rubus odoratus, "purple flowering raspberry"
Salix cordata, "heartleaf willow"
Salix serissima, "autumn willow"
Scleria reticularis, "reticulated nutrush"
Selaginella rupestris, "ledge spike-moss"
Silene regia, "royal catchfly"
Solidago simplex var. gillmanii, "sticky goldenrod"
Sparganium androcladum, "branching bur-reed"
Spiranthes ochroleuca, "yellow nodding ladies'-tresses"
Spiranthes romanzoffiana, "hooded ladies'-tresses"
Stenanthium gramineum, "eastern featherbells"
Strophostyles leiosperma, "slick-seed wild-bean"
Sullivantia sullivantii, "sullivantia"
Talinum rugospermum, "prairie fame-flower"
Taxodium distichum, "bald cypress"
Thalictrum pubescens, "tall meadowrue"
Utricularia cornuta, "horned bladderwort"
Utricularia minor, "lesser bladderwort"
Utricularia subulata, "zigzag bladderwort"
Vaccinium oxycoccos, "small cranberry"
Viola pedatifida, "prairie violet"
Viola primulifolia, "primrose-leaf violet"
Xyris difformis, "Carolina yellow-eyed grass"
4. Rare: A species of plant known to occur currently on 11 to 20 sites.
Acalypha deamii, "Deam's two-seeded Mercury"
Actaea rubra, "red Baneberry"
Andromeda glaucophylla, "bog rosemary"
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, "bearberry"
Arenaria stricta, "Michaux's stitchwort"
Aristida intermedia, "slim-spike three-awn grass"
Aristida tuberculosa, "seabeach needlegrass"
Asplenium ruta-muraria, "wallrue spleenwort"
Aster borealis, "rushlike aster"
Aster furcatus, "forked aster"
Aster oblongifolius, "aromatic aster"
Aster sericeus, "western silvery aster"
Baptisia australis, "wild false indigo"
Botrychium matricariifolium, "chamomile grape-fern"
Carex aurea, "golden-fruited sedge"
Carex debilis var. rudgei, "white-edge sedge"
Carex eburnea, "ebony sedge"
Carex folliculata, "long sedge"
Carex lupuliformis, "false hop sedge"
Carex pedunculata, "longstalk sedge"
Carex seorsa, "weak stellate sedge"
Carex socialis, "social sedge"
Catalpa speciosa, "northern catalpa"
Ceratophyllum echinatum, "prickly hornwort"
Cheilanthes lanosa, "hairy lipfern"
Cirsium carolinianum, "Carolina thistle"
Clematis pitcheri, "pitcher leather-flower"
Cornus rugosa, "roundleaf dogwood"
Crataegus intricata, "a hawthorn"
Crataegus succulenta, "fleshy hawthorn"
Cyperus pseudovegetus, "green flatsedge"
Cypripedium parviflorum var. makasin, "small yellow lady's-slipper"
Deschampsia cespitosa, "tufted hairgrass"
Diervilla lonicera, "northern bush-honeysuckle"
Dodecatheon frenchii, "French's shootingstar"
Drosera intermedia, "spoon-leaved sundew"
Eleocharis robbinsii, "Robbins spikerush"
Eleocharis wolfii, "Wolf spikerush"
Eriophorum angustifolium, "narrow-leaved cotton-grass"
Eriophorum viridicarinatum, "green-keeled cotton-grass"
Euphorbia polygonifolia, "seaside spurge"
Gentiana alba, "yellow gentian"
Gonolobus obliquus, "angle pod"
Hexalectris spicata, "crested coralroot"
Houstonia nigricans, "narrowleaf summer bluets"
Hypericum dolabriforme, "straggling St. John's-wort"
Iresine rhizomatosa, "eastern bloodleaf"
Juncus balticus var. littoralis, "Baltic rush"
Juniperus communis, "ground juniper"
Lilium canadense, "Canada lily"
Linum sulcatum, "grooved yellow flax"
Lycopodium hickeyi, "Hickey's clubmoss"
Lycopodium obscurum, "tree clubmoss"
Lycopodium tristachyum, "deep-root clubmoss"
Matteuccia struthiopteris, "ostrich fern"
Melampyrum lineare, "American cow-wheat"
Milium effusum, "tall millet-grass"
Myriophyllum verticillatum, "whorled water-milfoil"
Napaea dioica, "glade mallow"
Nothoscordum bivalve, "crow-poison"
Oenothera perennis, "small sundrops"
Ophioglossum engelmannii, "limestone adder's-tongue"
Oryzopsis racemosa, "black-fruit mountain-ricegrass"
Oxydendrum arboreum, "sourwood"
Panicum boreale, "northern witchgrass"
Panicum columbianum, "hemlock panic-grass"
Panicum wilcoxianum, "blood witchgrass"
Passiflora incarnata, "purple passion-flower"
Penstemon deamii, "Deam beard tongue"
Phlox amplifolia, "large-leaved phlox"
Pinus banksiana, "jack pine"
Pinus strobus, "eastern white pine"
Platanthera psycodes, "small purple-fringe orchid"
Pleopeltis polypodioides, "resurrection fern"
Poa alsodes, "grove meadow grass"
Poa wolfii, "Wolf bluegrass"
Polygonella articulata, "eastern jointweed"
Potamogeton richardsonii, "redheadgrass"
Potamogeton robbinsii, "flatleaf pondweed"
Prenanthes aspera, "rough rattlesnake-root"
Prunus pensylvanica, "fire cherry"
Pyrola rotundifolia var. americana, "American wintergreen"
Rhus aromatica var. arenaria, "beach sumac"
Rhynchospora macrostachya, "tall beaked-rush"
Sagittaria australis, "longbeak arrowhead"
Sanicula smallii, "Small's snakeroot"
Scirpus purshianus, "weakstalk bulrush"
Scirpus subterminalis, "water bulrush"
Sedum telephioides, "Allegheny stonecrop"
Senna obtusifolia, "blunt-leaf senna"
Solidago ptarmicoides, "prairie goldenrod"
Spiranthes lucida, "shining ladies'-tresses"
Stipa avenacea, "blackseed needlegrass"
Tofieldia glutinosa, "false asphodel"
Trachelospermum difforme, "climbing dogbane"
Trichostema dichotomum, "forked bluecurl"
Triglochin palustris, "marsh arrow-grass"
Utricularia purpurea, "purple bladderwort"
Viburnum molle, "softleaf arrow-wood"
Vitis palmata, "catbird grape"
Vittaria appalachiana, "Appalachian vittaria"
Waldsteinia fragarioides, "barren strawberry"
Wisteria macrostachya, "Kentucky wisteria"
Woodwardia areolata, "netted chainfern"
Zannichellia palustris, "horned pondweed"
Zigadenus elegans var. glaucus, "white camas"
Zizia aptera, "golden alexanders"

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