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Emergency Rule
LSA Document #11-261(E)


Temporarily adds rules concerning pull-tab game number 0031. Effective April 28, 2011.

SECTION 1. The name of pull-tab game number 0031 is "Right on the Money".

SECTION 2. Tickets in pull-tab game number 0031 shall sell for twenty-five cents ($0.25) per ticket, unless otherwise adjusted by temporary price reductions or other promotional activities conducted or authorized by the commission.

SECTION 3. (a) Each ticket in pull-tab game number 0031 shall contain a total of nine (9) play symbols arranged in a matrix of three (3) rows and three (3) columns. Each row shall be covered with a tab.

(b) Each play symbol includes a caption that corresponds with and verifies the play symbol as follows:

WINNING play symbols:
NONWINNING play symbols:

(c) If a question arises as to a play symbol, the play symbol caption will be used for final clarification.

SECTION 4. (a) A prize winner in the pull-tab game number 0031 is determined by opening the three (3) tabs located on the back of the pull-tab ticket. A blue arrow overlaying three (3) winning play symbols in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row will indicated [sic] a winning ticket.

(b) The prize amount won, if any, will appear in black overprinting on a yellow box to the left of the winning play spot. The prize amount will depend on the three (3) winning play symbols appearing under the blue arrow as follows:
(1) Match three (3) "065110261ERA03.jpg" (SAFE) symbols and the ticket may be redeemed for a prize of fifty dollars ($50).
(2) Match three (3) "065110261ERA04.jpg" (PIGGY BANK) symbols and the ticket may be redeemed for a prize of five dollars ($5).
(3) Match three (3) "065110261ERA05.jpg" (MONEY BAG) symbols and the ticket may be redeemed for a prize of one dollar ($1).
(4) Match three (3) "065110261ERA06.jpg" (MONEY CASE) symbols and the ticket may be redeemed for a prize of twenty-five cents ($0.25).

SECTION 5. (a) The possible winning prize combinations are as follows:

Total value of all prizes*: $321,000
Overall odds: 1 in 6.00
Approximate print quantity: 2,016,000 (+/-5%)

(b) The actual quantity of tickets will vary from the approximate print quantity of tickets within a range of minus five percent (-5%) to plus five percent (+5%). The actual number of prizes and the odds for each prize amount will vary depending on the actual quantity of the tickets.

(c) If the print quantity is changed during production of this game or due to subsequent reorders of the game, the ratio of prizes and total value of all prizes to the print quantity will be proportionately maintained so that the overall odds and prize payout percentage will approximate the values provided in subsection (a).

SECTION 6. This document expires sixty (60) days after the last claim date in pull-tab game 0031.

LSA Document #11-261(E)
Filed with Publisher: April 28, 2011, 10:57 a.m.

Posted: 05/04/2011 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20110504-IR-065110261ERA
Composed: Jun 24,2018 10:46:19PM EDT
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