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Emergency Rule
LSA Document #10-669(E)


Temporarily adds rules concerning scratch-off game number 0289. Statutory authority: IC 4-30-3-9. Effective October 28, 2010.

SECTION 1. The name of scratch-off game number 0289 is "Double Crossword".

SECTION 2. Tickets in scratch-off game number 0289 shall sell for two dollars ($2) per ticket, unless otherwise adjusted by temporary price reductions or other promotional activities conducted or authorized by the commission.

SECTION 3. Scratch-off game number 0289 includes two (2) separate and independent game play data areas on each ticket including a large grid that contains a crossword panel filled in with alphabetic letters and a small grid labeled "BONUS BOX".

SECTION 4. (a) Each ticket in scratch-off game number 0289 shall contain a total of nineteen (19) play symbols.

(b) A box, which appears at the bottom of each ticket, labeled "YOUR LETTERS" shall contain eighteen (18) play symbols representing alphabetic letters. The available play symbols appearing in the "YOUR LETTERS" play area are as follows:

(c) One play symbol shall appear in the area labeled "BONUS BOX". The available play symbols appearing in "BONUS BOX" are as follows:

(d) If a question arises as to a play symbol, and a caption is provided with the play symbol, the caption will be used for final clarification.

(e) A chart labeled "PRIZE LEGEND" shall appear between the crossword panel and the area labeled "YOUR LETTERS" and shall contain a table setting forth prize requirements and amounts.

SECTION 5. Each ticket in scratch-off game number 0289 shall contain a retailer validation code in the game play data area. The retailer validation code verifies instant winners in this game for prizes up to five hundred ninety-nine dollars ($599). The retailer validation code that corresponds with and verifies each of these winners is as follows:

(1) retailer validation code;
(2) game/pack/ticket number; and
(3) validation number;
are for commission or retailer use only and cannot be used or played as a play or prize symbol to win a prize.

SECTION 7. (a) To play a ticket in scratch-off game number 0289, the ticket must be validly purchased and the scratch-off material covering the game play data areas must be fully removed.

(b) The play symbols in the "YOUR LETTERS" game play data area must match all of the letters in a word appearing in the crossword panel in order to form a word. A word cannot be formed by linking letters diagonally or by reading the letters from right to left or bottom to top. Letters combined to form a complete word must appear in an unbroken horizontal or vertical sequence on the crossword panel and in the "YOUR LETTERS" game play data area.

(c) If four (4) or more complete words are formed in the crossword puzzle, the holder is entitled to the prize identified on the "PRIZE LEGEND" multiplied by either one (1) or two (2) depending on the multiplier represented by the play symbol appearing in the "BONUS BOX". Prizes are not cumulative.

SECTION 8. (a) The approximate number of possible prizes and the estimated odds for each prize level are as follows:


Total value of all prizes*: $3,998,750
Prize payout: 66.65%
Overall odds: 1 in 4.51
Approximate print quantity: 3,000,000 (-3%/+1%)

(b) The approximate number of prizes and the estimated odds provided in subsection (a) are calculated based on an approximate total print quantity of tickets. The actual quantity of tickets printed will vary from the approximate print quantity of tickets within a range of minus three percent (-3%) to plus one percent (+1%). The actual number of prizes and the odds for each prize amount will vary depending on the actual quantity of tickets.

(c) If the print quantity of tickets is changed during production of this game or due to subsequent reorders of the game, the ratio of prizes to the quantity of tickets printed will be proportionately maintained so that the overall odds and prize payout percentage will reasonably approximate the values provided in subsection (a).

SECTION 9. This document expires sixty (60) days after the last claim date established for scratch-off game 0289.

LSA Document #10-669(E)
Filed with Publisher: October 28, 2010, 3:51 p.m.

Posted: 11/03/2010 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20101103-IR-065100669ERA
Composed: May 26,2018 10:22:23AM EDT
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