January 26, 2007


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Rep. Dermody Votes for Full-Day Kindergarten in Committee

Crouch Seat Belt Bill Passes Out of Committee

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Turner Legislation Makes College More Affordable


Rep. Eberhart Sponsors Noteworthy Legislation at the Statehouse

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Volume 5, Issue 3

Republicans Vote To Eliminate the Death Tax

Dems Reject Committee Report

Yesterday, State Representative P. Eric Turner (R-Marion) voted in support of a House Bill 1027 Minority Committee Report. The report was a House Republican effort to eliminate the Indiana Inheritance Tax, also know as the Death Tax. With only House Republican support, the report was defeated by a 48-51 vote.

“This tax is inherently wrong and should be repealed,” said Representative Turner. “We are responsibly phasing out the inheritance tax over five years and by doing this we are encouraging working men and women to save for their retirement and pass it to their heirs. Why tax them on something they have already been taxed on?”

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House Republican Agenda Bill Passes

(Statehouse) January 26, 2007- State Representative Marlin Stutzman (R-Howe) authored an amendment to House Bill 1092 (HB 1092), which unanimously passed out of the House of Representatives today.  The bill established up to ten days of unpaid absence for spouses and parents of military members ordered to involuntary active duty.  Representative Stutzman authored an amendment to the bill, which provides an expanded Military Family Relief Fund, income tax check-off and child care assistance for active duty parents. 

“Military men and women honor and protect our country, often sacrificing their personal life and family time,” said Rep. Stutzman.  “Offering financial assistance to our military heroes when they are called to duty is the least we can do for them.”

Currently, only the Indiana National Guard and Indiana Reserve officers are eligible for assistance under the Military Family Relief Fund.  Rep. Stutzman’s amendment in HB1092, will allow all active military members to be granted up to $2,000 annually in cash, if their call-up results in an emergency cash crunch.

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Republican Leader Bosma Co-Authors Holocaust Education Bill

 (Statehouse) January 26, 2007 – House Bill 1059, co-authored by Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis), passed out of the House of Representatives today 91-0.   The bill requires that school corporations throughout the state include the study of the Holocaust as part of U.S. History curriculum. Holocaust studies would be incorporated as a state academic standard alongside language arts, mathematics, social studies and citizenship, sciences, fine arts and health education.

Click here to listen to Rep. Bosma speak on the House Floor on the Holocaust legislation

Rep. Hinkle's Military Leave Bill Passes Out of House

(STATEHOUSE) Jan. 26, 2007 – Representative Phil Hinkle (R-Indianapolis) has co-authored House Bill 1092, which establishes an unpaid leave of absence of up to 10 days for a spouse or parent of a person ordered to involuntary active duty in the United States armed forces or the National Guard for deployment overseas.  The bill passed out of the House by a vote of 88-0.

“I believe in our Armed Forces and I also believe in their families,” said Rep. Hinkle.  “Spouses and parents should be given a chance to spend sometime with their family when their loved ones leave to fulfill their duties.” 

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Casting Indiana's Progress

This week, the House Republican podcast examines some of the legislation that was passed.  The legislative action is starting to pick-up, learn about important legislation by clicking here.