February 25, 2005


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2005: Time for A New Direction

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 09-29-04: Creating Jobs                   and                   Controlling
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Volume 3, Issue 7

Chairman Espich
Chairman Espich Proposes Plan to Keep Colts
Equal participation from
Fans, State, and Players
House Ways and Means Chairman
Jeff Espich (R-Uniondale) presents a
balanced approach with his plan to
help the City of Indianapolis
build a new stadium.

On February 23, 2005, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Jeff Espich proposed an amendment to HB 1846, to provide funding for a new stadium for the Indianapolis Colts. Chairman Espich’s amendment was successful and HB 1846 was passed out of committee by a vote of 17-5. It will now be sent to the House floor to be eligible for further amendments and a floor vote by next Tuesday’s deadline.
Mayor Peterson

Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson not supportive, vows to get more from the state.

The bill focuses on the funding of the Colts Stadium by generating approximately $44 million for construction of the new stadium. Chairman Espich introduced a balanced three-way effort to produce the funds from participants of Colts games; including the team, players, and fans; along with the City of Indianapolis; and the State of Indiana.

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House Passes First Balanced Budget in a Decade
No Tax Increases, Additional Dollars for Medicaid and Education

(STATEHOUSE) Feb. 15, 2005 –House Bill 1001, the biennium budget for the State of Indiana, authored by Ways and Means Chairman Jeff Espich (R-Uniondale), will balance the state’s books for the first time in ten years and does not contain a tax increase. The proposed budget will get rid of Indiana’s current structural deficit of $526.6 million by the end of fiscal year 2007 without any borrowing, bookkeeping maneuvers, or the use of other dedicated funds, as has occurred in previous years.

“We faced a challenge in coming up with a plan to balance our state’s economy,” stated Chairman Espich. “I am very optimistic with our proposed budget and its plan to pull us out of our deficit without raising taxes.”

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Ethics Bill Moves to Final Vote
Speaker Bosma, Governor Daniels work to establish
Inspector General, new ethics rules

Speaker Brian Bosma
Speaker Bosma speaks on ethics reform in state
government as Governor Daniels looks on.

House Republicans mean business when it comes to cleaning up state government with HB 1002, one of the most important pieces of anti-public corruption legislation that has been introduced in the legislature in decades. Speaker of the House Brian C. Bosma has underscored the importance of this much needed piece of legislation by carrying the bill himself.

Under HB 1002, the Governor will appoint an Inspector General to initiate, supervise, and coordinate investigations and recommend policies to deter, detect, and eradicate fraud or misconduct in state government.

The bill was heard on second reading on Thursday, February 24. House Democrats accused the Governor of a power grab, but all House Democrat amendments to water down the bill were defeated. The bill now moves to third reading on either Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Eleven other states have Inspector Generals who have the authority to investigate all functions of state government as proposed under HB 1002.

“This bill is an effective piece of legislation that will help reform our state’s ethics laws and restore our state government’s integrity,” stated Speaker Bosma.

The bill passed out of the Government and Regulatory Reform Committee by a vote of 6-5 on Thursday, February 10.

Listening to the People
Legislative Town Hall Meeting in Madison

State Reps. Bill Ruppel (North Manchester), Eric Turner (Gas City), Speaker Brian Bosma, Billy Bright (North Vernon), and Larry Buell (Indianapolis) listen to a room full of Southern Indiana residents and their concerns.

On Friday, February 18, the Majority Caucus of the Indiana House of Representatives again took the Statehouse to Hoosiers by visiting North Vernon and Madison Indiana and listening to the concerns of Indiana residents.

State Representative Billy Bright invited Speaker of the House Brian C. Bosma, Speaker Pro Tempore Eric Turner, and State Representatives Larry Buell, and Bill Ruppel to spend a day in his district. The legislators held two Town Meetings beginning in North Vernon with approximately 75 in attendance.

At both meetings, Hoosiers had the opportunity to share concerns ranging from education, Medicaid, budget issues and job creation, among others.

An audience of over 150 citizens filled the Madison-Jefferson County Public Library Auditorium. While in Jefferson County, the legislators toured the Madison State Hospital and Sandstone Industries, an employer that hires developmentally disabled Hoosiers.

They concluded their day by watching the Jennings County – Batesville high school basketball game.

Click below for the local media outlet's take on the Legislative Town Hall Meetings.
Madison Courier - "Listen to the People"

North Vernon Plain Dealer - "Bright Gets High Marks in Legislature"

Legislators visited the Madison State Hospital (on the left, Rep. Billy Bright with an employee of the hospital), as well as Sandstone, a production plant that eliminates the barriers that restrict individuals with disabilities from community inclusion. On the right, legislators discuss the Sandstone facility with local residents, employees, and leaders in the community.