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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Speaker Bosma Announces Committee Assignments

STATEHOUSE – Speaker Brian C. Bosma (R-Indianapolis) announced committee appointments today for the 2011 legislative session. Committee assignments are made biennially after each election year.

Standing committees are an integral part of the legislative process. Committees with specific expertise receive public testimony and work out the details of proposed legislation before it is heard on the House floor.

“Throughout the campaign, House Republicans pledged that we would provide visionary leadership if we were given the opportunity. Our team is ready to follow through on that promise by passing a budget with no tax increases on Hoosier families, providing the necessary tools to attract jobs to our state and giving every child the opportunity for an excellent education so they can compete in the 21st century,” stated Speaker Brian C. Bosma (R-Indianapolis). “We will accomplish these goals by House committees once again, serving as the workhorse of our institution, addressing these key issues at every turn.”

As promised on Organization Day by Speaker Bosma, a new era of bipartisan cooperation is being ushered in with the appointment of minority party members to committee chairmanships for the first time in state history.

“After conversations with Leader Bauer, it became clear that Representative Steve Stemler (D-Jeffersonville), Chair of the Committee on Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development and Representative Chet Dobis (D-Merrillville), Chair of Select Committee on Government Reduction, will have to be Republican appointments to those committees. I understand this tilts the agreed upon makeup of each committee, but I will not allow this issue to negatively impact my overarching goal of bipartisan cooperation,” stated Speaker Bosma.

“I am serious about establishing a new era of bipartisan cooperation in state government. We are preparing a new generation of legislative leadership in Indiana, armed to deal with today’s critical problems, and leaving yesterday’s battles behind. I hope this extension of leadership opportunity to the minority party serves as an example of cooperation to other states and to our leaders in Washington D.C.” said Rep. Bosma. “Hoosiers expect us to work together, and I am going to assure that we will.”

The Speaker’s office will release the committee appointments of Democrat members next week.

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