The House Republican Intern Program is currently accepting applications
for the 2013 legislative session. Please apply here.


The Indiana House of Representatives Republican Intern Program offers paid internships in our Member Services, Media, Technology and Policy Departments, and provides an opportunity to be an active participant in the legislative process in Indiana. Working closely with state representatives allows for the development of interpersonal communication skills, plus political and administrative skills. House Republican interns will be part of a governing body that produces laws and shapes public policy for Indiana's 6 million residents.

Watch our videos below to hear from State Representatives, former interns and current staffers about how the House Republican Intern Program can benefit you!


House Republican Media Internship


Media interns are paired with a full-time Press Secretary and assist with media relations for an assigned group of legislators. Some of the duties include:

  • Writing news releases, newspaper columns, letters to the editor and email newsletters
  • Preparing and distributing news feeds for radio stations
  • Arranging interviews between State Representatives and reporters
  • Planning and covering news conferences
  • Creating publications for the Representatives to distribute in their districts
  • Producing photos and videos for the Representatives

House Republican Member Services Internship



Member Services interns are paired with a full-time Legislative Assistant and work directly with an assigned group of State Representatives. Some of the duties include:

  • Tracking legislation throughout the legislative process
  • Researching and responding to specific legislative questions or problems posed by either a legislator or a constituent
  • Communicating directly with constituents and local officials on a wide variety of topics including pending legislation and assistance with state agencies
  • Assisting legislators with committee preparation and committee coverage
  • Working with lobbyists and state agencies on legislation and policy initiatives

House Republican Policy Internship


The House Republican Policy intern works directly with our Policy Director and Policy Analyst to research and provide information to the entire House Republican Caucus. Some of the duties include:

  • Tracking legislation as it moves through the legislative process
  • Analyzing and preparing summaries on current legislation
  • Researching legislation and policy initiatives in other states

House Republican Technology Internship


The House Republican Technology Intern works directly with our IT Director and PC Technician to provide a broad range of services to the House Republican Representatives and staff. Some of the duties include:

  • Providing computer desktop and notebook support
  • Consulting and troubleshooting diverse software, hardware and network problems
  • Providing individual training to legislators and staff as needed
  • Providing technical support and new ideas to maintain and improve the House Republican Web site and individual member’s Web pages
  • Working with the Communications staff to send our direct mail items
  • Providing assistance to our Member Services staff in determining survey results and generating data

House Republican Ways and Means Internship


The House Ways and Means Intern works directly with Senior Fiscal Analyst and Fiscal Analyst on any issues that effect the state's finances. Some of the duties include:

  • Tracking bills assigned to the Ways and Means Committee or any other bills with a fiscal impact
  • Providing staff support tot he Ways and Means Committee
  • Conducting research on fiscal policy issues
  • Participating in meetings where policy issues and discussed and debated

    What You Need To Know – Here’s The Basics

    • Eligible participants include college sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduates and graduate students
    • Internship begins in January 2012 and ends in March
    • Internship is full time, Monday through Friday 8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m. at the Statehouse, located in downtown Indianapolis
    • Interns receive a biweekly stipend of $700
    • Most colleges and universities offer academic credit
    • Competitive $3,000 scholarship opportunity
    • Unlimited opportunities to build your professional network

    How Successful Is The House Republican Internship Program?

    Many House Republican interns have found that the experiences gained while working closely with State Representatives and legislative staff has helped them establish and advance their careers. The following are examples of how a number of our former interns were able to accelerate their career paths after working as a House Republican intern:

    • Paul Mannweiler – Former Speaker of the House of Representatives and current Principal with Bose Public Affairs Group, 1973 Intern
    • Betsy Burdick – Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Mitch Daniels, 1995 Intern
    • Brian Bergsma – Manager of State Government Affairs for Indiana Michigan Power, 1995 Member Services Intern
    • Lesley Stedman Weidenbener – Political Reporter for the Louisville Courier-Journal, 1990 Intern
    • Maren Patterson – Finance Director for the House Republican Campaign Committee, 2002 Member Services Intern
    • Eric Shields – Legislative Liaison and Policy Analyst for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, 2005 Member Services Intern
    • Valerie Kroeger – Deputy Communications Director for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, 2006 Communications Intern
    • Michelle Marshel – Deputy Commissioner for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, 2000 Member Services Intern
    • Stephanie Sample – Press Secretary for Dr. Tony Bennett and the Indiana Department of Education
    • Gretchen White – Government Affairs Director for the Indiana Builders Association, 2005 Member Services Intern

    If you have additional questions,
    please contact:

    Jason Johnson, Intern Director
    1-800-382-9841 or (317)232-9671

    200 W. Washington Street
    Room 401-4
    Indianapolis, IN 46204

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