House of Representative Republican Internship: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specific internship opportunities provided by the Indiana House Republicans? 
Five departments offer internships: member services, communications, Ways and Means, policy and technology.

Member services interns work very closely with representatives and legislative staff. They are paired with three legislators and a legislative assistant. They help with constituent correspondence, legislative research and preparation for legislative committee hearings and session.

Interns working in the communications department gain experience while being teamed directly with press secretaries that serve about eight members. The basic duties include writing press releases, newspaper columns and media advisories, creating e-newsletters and working with the media to set up print, television and radio interviews. Interns will be responsible for tracking legislation, monitoring committees and doing research to supplement written materials. All of the communications interns will have opportunities to take pictures, shoot videos and work in multimedia to benefit the caucus and their personal/professional growth. Towards the end of the internship, the interns will assemble a Legacy Project that will be presented to the caucus, highlighting their session and their time here.

The Ways and Means intern tracks bills assigned to the committee and any other bills with a fiscal impact, conducts research on fiscal policy issues and participates in meetings where policy issues are discussed and debated.

The policy intern serves as the House bill reader, tracks legislation as it moves through the legislative process, assists the policy department, analyzes and prepares summaries on current legislation and researches legislation and policy initiatives in other states.

The technology interns provide computer desktop, tablet and smart phone support for staff and members, consult and troubleshoot diverse software, hardware and network problems, assist in the webcasting of session and committee meetings, provide individual training to legislators and staff as needed, work with the communications staff to send direct mail items and support the member services staff in determining survey results and generating data.

What are the benefits of interning with the House of Representatives?
Interns are compensated $700 bi-weekly. Academic credits can also be earned. Interns are eligible to apply for academic scholarships. Building an impressive professional network, gaining valuable business references, preparing for future employment and participating in professional development are additional benefits to interning for the House of Representatives.

How is credit earned for the internship?
Class credit is determined by schools. Students should consult their academic advisors with questions regarding class credit.

What is the length of the internship? 
Official orientation begins in late December or the first week of January. The exact end-date of the internship is different every year, depending on whether the legislature is in a long session or a short session. Long sessions occur during odd numbered years and must end by April 29. Short sessions occur during even numbered years and must end by March 14. Should a Special Session occur that lasts beyond these end-dates, interns will be expected to stay to the best of their abilities.

What are the hours of work and is there overtime pay or vacation time?
Interns typically work from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. There will be times when duties require the days to begin earlier or last longer. Working more than the minimum seven hours in a day does not garner overtime pay. 
There are not any paid vacations, sick days or vacation days. Exceptions under extenuating circumstances may be made for interns who must absolutely miss a day of work, however, the intern will not be paid for the time they are not at work unless approved by a supervisor.

What are the options for housing?
There are housing opportunities in downtown Indianapolis and surrounding areas, and some places are willing to negotiate short term leases. Interns can work with the intern directors to solidify housing arrangements or find something on their own. Many apartments offer student or government worker discounts. Costs vary per month.

What are the conditions of work when interns have class or exams?
School schedules should not interfere with the internship program. A Political Science class is offered on Monday evenings at the Statehouse in conjunction the internship.  When this class conflicts with late work, the intern directors will advise as to how to deal with the scheduling conflict. Credit for this class as well as registration is at the discretion of academic institutions.

How do I apply or find more information?
Visit to apply or find more information about House internship opportunities. 

If you have any questions please contact:

Jacob Quinn, Intern Director
Indiana House of Representatives
Republican Caucus
200 W. Washington Street, Room 401-1
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Phone: 317-232-9793
Fax: 317-234-9298

- OR -

Ali Norman, Communications Intern Director
Indiana House of Representatives
Republican Caucus
200 W. Washington Street, Room 401-1
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317.232.9824
Fax: 317.234.9257