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December 11, 2012: Own Your American Dream: Education


November 30, 2012: Speaker Bosma Announces Committee Assignments, Leadership
November 27, 2012: An Opportunity to Work Together
November 20, 2012: Speaker Bosma: "We have a great opportunity before us"
November 14, 2012: Own Your American Dream: Jobs
November 7, 2012: 69 House Republicans Ready to Serve


October 24, 2012: Own Your American Dream: Fiscal Integrity
October 16, 2012: Locally Grown Ideas
October 4, 2012: Own Your American Dream


September 12, 2012: House Republicans now accepting intern applications for 2013 legislative session



July 9, 2012: What's Under the Dome?


June 14, 2012: Celebrating Flag Day
June 12, 2012: Indiana House Republicans are now on Pinterest



April 14, 2012: Watch the Latest Episode of IN the House


March 10, 2012: House Republicans Deliver on Promises
March 5, 2012: Senate Bill 1 Restores Rights, Protects Police


February 10, 2012: A Special Go Red for Women Message from the Indiana House Republicans
February 7, 2012: Right to Work is working for Indiana
February 1, 2012: Indiana: the Nation's 23rd Right to Work State


Important Updates

Speaker Bosma Announces Committee Assignments

Speaker Bosma Announces Leadership and Committee Chairs

Speaker Bosma's Organization Day Speech

2015 House Republican Legislative Agenda

State Budget Committee Hearing - 11/19 part 1

State Budget Committee Hearing - 11/19 part 2

2014 House GOP Agenda
Locally Grown Ideas
Watch Session VIA Live Stream
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