Indiana House Republican

2011 Strengthen Indiana Plan


Protect Hoosier Taxpayers


  Adopt a Budget with no Tax Increases


  Support the Tax Cap Referendum


  Meaningful Transparency in Government Budgets

  Establish One Comprehensive User-Friendly Website so Taxpayers can Review how their Tax Dollars are Spent at all Levels of Government

  Require State Agencies to provide:

  Budget information by agency

  Major Contracts Duration and Expense

  List of State-owned property

  Employee and Elected Officials Salaries

  Require Local Governments, K-12 Schools and Higher Education to Provide:


  Employee and Elected Officials Salaries

  Major Contracts Duration and Expense

  Debt Service

  Revenue Sources


Promote Hoosier Job Creation


  Revitalize Hard Hit Communities

  Enhance the Industrial Recovery Site (Dinosaur Building) Tax Credit

  Lower the number of years the facility must have been in service, the amount of required interior square feet, the percent of facility vacant and the number of years vacant

  Provide Local Communities with Additional Economic Development Tools

  Reduce the Age Limit Placed on the Property Tax Deduction for Rehabilitated Property from 50 years to 25 years

  Streamline and Enhance the Abatement Process for Real and Personal Property

         Allow the abatement of existing commercial/industrial real and personal property if the unit finds that the abatement is needed to retain or create jobs

         Enhance abatement schedules to allow up to three years of 100% abatement if the business meets one of the following criteria:

o    Locates in a Dinosaur Building

o    Agrees to invest at least $10 million in the community

o    Rehabilitates and occupies property in designated downtown areas

o    Locates in a county with high unemployment


  Increase Access to Start-up Capital

  Increase the amount of Venture Capital Investment Tax Credits Available for a Qualified Indiana Business (QIB) from $500,000 to $1,000,000

  Suspend for Two-years the Application Fee Required for a Business to Become a QIB


  Focus on Entrepreneurship and Small Business

  Require the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) to Survey and Develop Entrepreneurial Education Programs for all Indiana Universities

  Work with Ivy Tech to Develop Up-to-Date Computer Programming Courses and Expand Entrepreneurial Course Offerings at High Schools by Partnering with CHE and the Business Community

  Streamline the one-stop shop portal for new entrepreneurs and small businesses within the IEDC


Expand Education Opportunities


  Reward Quality Teachers

  Allow Merit Pay for High Performing Teachers

  Provide Bonus Pay to Teachers Passing a Voluntary Competency Test in their Core Subject Area

  Allow Improvement in Student Test Scores to be One Part of a Teachers Overall Evaluation

  Address Retention of High Performing Teachers in Layoff Situations


  Focus Education Dollars on the Classroom

  Continue Progress on Education Dollars Following the Child, not Funding Institutions

  Give Incentives to Schools to Lower the Cost of Insurance Benefits to the State Employee Cost

  School corporations should join consortiums, trusts or the state employee health insurance pool if cost savings can be realized

  Utilize insurers or medical management companies who provide the deepest discounts and have a proven track record on cost savings

  Provide for the option of at least one (1) consumer driven health option (HSA or HRA).

  Require dependent audit studies on an every 3 year cycle

  Encourage wellness plans and on-site medical clinics when appropriate and/or cost-effective

  Encourage all School Corporations to Utilize Joint Purchasing Options Available through either the State Purchasing Office or their Regional Education Service Center Office


  Expand Educational Options for Hoosier Families

  Protect and Expand Existing School Choice Options in Public Schools

  Provide Children who Attend Failing Schools Grants to Attend a School of Choice

  Enhance the Education Scholarship Tax Credit to Provide More Low-Income Families with School Choice Options

  Eliminate Caps and Statutory and Financial Barriers for Charter Schools

  Remove Caps and Enhance Funding for Virtual Charter Schools and Distance Learning Opportunities

  Provide that Additional Entities may Serve as Authorizers and Organizers of Charter Schools


Stand up to Washington D.C.


  Oppose Socialized Health Care Options to Consider

  Work with Indianas Congressional Delegation to Repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

  Opt-out of Applicable Portions of the PPACA if Congress does not Repeal

  Support Attorney General Greg Zoellers Constitutional Challenge to the PPACA

  Pass the Freedom in Health Care Model Legislation

  Hold a Public Referendum Similar to Missouri Opting-out of the Requirement that Everyone must Obtain Health Insurance or Face a Tax Penalty


  Adopt Meaningful Immigration Reform Options to Consider

  Empower State Law Enforcement Agencies to Work with Federal Authorities to Enforce Existing Federal Immigration Laws

  Require Officers to Make a Reasonable Attempt to Determine the Immigration Status of a Person Stopped, Detained or Arrested if there is a Reasonable Suspicion that the Person is Unlawfully Present in the U.S.

  Require Verification of Immigration Status of any Person Arrested Prior to Releasing that Person

  Require Proof of Legal Residence Prior to Receiving Public Benefits and In-State Tuition at Universities

  Establish a Civil Offense, Enforceable by the Department of Labor, for an Employer who Knowingly and Intentionally Hires an Undocumented Worker

  Employer must knowingly and intentionally hire the individual without proper documentation

  Maximum penalty of $1,000 for the first offense

  Allow immunity if the employer uses E-Verify

  Encourage our Congressional Delegation to Secure our Borders


  Oppose Cap and Trade Legislation


  Discourage Out-of-Control Federal Spending