Indiana Fiscal Information

History of Indiana Savings Account

Total Combined Reserve Balances net of Payment Delay Liabilities


FDK Funding

State FDK Grant Funding - Percent of Kindergarten Students Funded

State Spending

General Fund Appropriations - FY 2012/FY 2013 Biennium

Comparative Spending on K12 Education

Total State Support for K12 Education per Pupil with State, District of Columbia and State Average

History of Indiana K12 Funding

Total School Formula Funding Comparison
Important Updates

2015 House Republican Legislative Agenda

2015 Internship Program

2014 Interim Study Committee Schedule

2014 Interim Study Committee Assignments

2014 Interim Study Committee Assignments Announced

Interim Study Committees Announced

Interim Study Committees List

2014 House GOP Agenda

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