Introduced Version




        A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION urging the adoption of the sugar cream pie as Indiana's official state pie.


    January 7, 2009, read first time and referred to Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedure.


First Regular Session 116th General Assembly (2009)


        A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION urging the adoption of the sugar cream pie as Indiana's official state pie.

    Whereas, The Indiana Foodways Alliance, "a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to the celebration, promotion, and preservation of the authentic food culture of Indiana," would like to see the sugar cream pie adopted as the official state pie of Indiana and to name the pie as the Hoosier Pie;

    Whereas, Sugar cream pie is simply a pie shell spread with layers of creamed butter and maple or brown sugar combined with a sprinkling of flour, filled with vanilla-flavored cream and baked;

    Whereas, Sugar cream pie was created between 1810 and 1825 by the North Carolina Quakers who settled on farms along the eastern border of Indiana, especially the Richmond, Winchester, Portland, and New Castle areas;

    Whereas, Despite being known as "desperation pie," sugar cream pie required a cow in the barn and imported sugar;

    Whereas, If the sugar cream pie is Indiana's official pie, then Winchester is the sugar cream pie capital;

    Whereas, Wick's Pies, located in Winchester, has helped make the sugar cream pie famous by producing pies from a Wickersham family recipe that dates back to the family's 19th century farm;

    Whereas, Beginning more than 60 years ago as a small company, Wick's Pies produces approximately 12 million pies and pie shells in a year, and its sugar cream pie is available in more than 25 states; and

    Whereas, Food and culinary practices helped immigrants feel at home in their strange, new surroundings; it is important that we remember these practices and the foods that remain a part of our daily lives still today: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly

of the State of Indiana, the House of Representatives concurring:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana General Assembly urges the adoption of the sugar cream pie as the official pie of the state of Indiana and its renaming as the Hoosier Pie.
    SECTION 2. That copies of this resolution be transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to the Indiana Foodways Alliance.