SB 199-1_ Filed 02/21/2007, 10:25 Drozda



    I move
that Senate Bill 199 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 3, line 14; (07)MO019901.3. -->     Page 3, between lines 14 and 15, begin a new paragraph and insert:
SOURCE: IC 31-19-11-1; (07)MO019901.8. -->     "SECTION 8. IC 31-19-11-1, AS AMENDED BY P.L.140-2006, SECTION 17, AS AMENDED BY P.L.173-2006, SECTION 17, AND AS AMENDED BY P.L.145-2006, SECTION 253, IS CORRECTED AND AMENDED TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2007]: Sec. 1. (a) Whenever the court has heard the evidence and finds that:
        (1) the adoption requested is in the best interest of the child;
        (2) the petitioner or petitioners for adoption are of sufficient ability to rear the child and furnish suitable support and education;
        (3) the report of the investigation and recommendation under IC 31-19-8-5 has been filed;
        (4) the attorney or agency arranging an adoption has filed with the court an affidavit prepared by the state department of health under IC 31-19-5-16 indicating whether a man is entitled to notice of the adoption because the man has registered with the putative father registry in accordance with IC 31-19-5;
        (5) proper notice arising under subdivision (4), if notice is necessary, of the adoption has been given;
        (6) the attorney or agency has filed with the court an affidavit prepared by the state department of health under:
            (A) IC 31-19-6 indicating whether a record of a paternity determination; or
            (B) IC 16-37-2-2(g) indicating whether a paternity affidavit executed under IC 16-37-2-2.1;
        has been filed in relation to the child;
        (7) proper consent, if consent is necessary, to the adoption has been given;
        (8) the petitioner for adoption is not prohibited from adopting the child as the result of an inappropriate criminal history described

in subsection (c) or (d); and
        (9) the person, licensed child placing agency, or county office of family and children that has placed the child for adoption has provided the documents and other information required under IC 31-19-17 to the prospective adoptive parents;
the court shall grant the petition for adoption and enter an adoption decree.
    (b) A court may not grant an adoption unless the department's state department of health's affidavit under IC 31-19-5-16 is filed with the court as provided under subsection (a)(4).
    (c) A conviction of a felony or a misdemeanor related to the health and safety of a child by a petitioner for adoption is a permissible basis for the court to deny the petition for adoption. In addition, the court may not grant an adoption if a petitioner for adoption has been convicted of any of the felonies described as follows:
        (1) Murder (IC 35-42-1-1).
        (2) Causing suicide (IC 35-42-1-2).
        (3) Assisting suicide (IC 35-42-1-2.5).
        (4) Voluntary manslaughter (IC 35-42-1-3).
        (5) Reckless homicide (IC 35-42-1-5).
        (6) Battery as a felony (IC 35-42-2-1).
        (7) Aggravated battery (IC 35-42-2-1.5).
        (8) Kidnapping (IC 35-42-3-2).
        (9) Criminal confinement (IC 35-42-3-3).
        (10) A felony sex offense under IC 35-42-4.
        (11) Carjacking (IC 35-42-5-2).
        (12) Arson (IC 35-43-1-1).
        (13) Incest (IC 35-46-1-3).
        (14) Neglect of a dependent (IC 35-46-1-4(a)(1) and IC 35-46-1-4(a)(2)).
        (15) Child selling (IC 35-46-1-4(d)).
        (16) A felony involving a weapon under IC 35-47 or IC 35-47.5.
        (17) A felony relating to controlled substances under IC 35-48-4.
        (18) An offense relating to material or a performance that is harmful to minors or obscene under IC 35-49-3.
        (19) A felony that is substantially equivalent to a felony listed in subdivisions (1) through (18) for which the conviction was entered in another state.
However, the court is not prohibited from granting an adoption based upon a felony conviction under subdivision (6), (11), (12), (16), or (17), or its equivalent under subdivision (19), if the offense was not committed within the immediately preceding five (5) year period.
    (d) A court may not grant an adoption if the petitioner is an a sex offender (as defined in IC 5-2-12-4). IC 11-8-8-5).
     (e) A court may not grant an adoption if the petitioner is a homosexual.".
    Renumber all SECTIONS consecutively.

    (Reference is to SB 199 as printed February 20, 2007.)


Senator DROZDA

MO019901/DI 106