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LS 8051                             DATE PREPARED: Mar 26, 1999
BILL NUMBER: HB 1821                     BILL AMENDED: Mar 25, 1999

SUBJECT: Commission for higher education.

FISCAL ANALYST: Mark Goodpaster
PHONE NUMBER: 232-9852

FUNDS AFFECTED:     X     GENERAL             IMPACT: State

Summary of Legislation: (Amended) This bill has the following provisions: (A) It provides that membership on the commission for higher education does not constitute holding a public office. (B) It provides that a commission member is not required to take an oath of office. (C) It provides that a commission member is not disqualified from holding public office or required to forfeit public office by serving on the commission. (D) It permits a member of the commission to be a public employee if the person is not an employee or board member of a public or private university or college in Indiana. (E) It provides that the student member of the commission may be an employee of a college or university. (F) It permits members of the commission to be reimbursed for lodging expenses incurred while on official business. office. (H) It provides that a board member of Ivy Tech State College is entitled to reimbursement (G) It provides that a board member of Ivy Tech State College is entitled to the minimum salary per diem provided by law unless the member holds a lucrative for travel expenses and other expenses actually incurred in performing the member's duties on the board.

Effective Date: July 1, 1999.

Explanation of State Expenditures: Provision C: Staff at the Commission for Higher Education estimate 10 meetings per year, with 10 commission members at each meeting. At the State lodging rate of $65 per night, the additional cost to the Commission would be $6,500. Commission staff note that the Commission can accommodate this additional expense within existing resources.

Provision H: IVY Tech State College has 13 members on its board that meet six times per year. It also has an executive committee composed of five of the board members that also meet six times per year. The additional costs to the state would be $5,400 if the per diem salary is $50.

Explanation of State Revenues:

Explanation of Local Expenditures:

Explanation of Local Revenues:

State Agencies Affected: Commission for Higher Education, IVY Tech State College

Local Agencies Affected:

Information Sources: Bob Ruble, Commission for Higher Education, Bob Holmes, IVY Tech State College

HB 1821