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Indiana General Assembly

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Constitutional Requirements

"The style of every law shall be: "Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana"; and no law shall be enacted, except by bill. Bills may originate in either House, but may be amended or rejected in the other; except that bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives" Art. 4. Sec. 1; Art. 4, Sec. 17

"Every bill shall be read, by title, on three several days, in each House; unless, in case of emergency, two-thirds of the House where such bill may be pending shall, by a vote of yeas and nays, deem it expedient to dispense with this rule; but the reading of a bill, by title, on its final passage, shall, in no case, be dispensed with; and the vote on the passage of every bill or joint resolution shall be taken by yeas and nays" Art. 4. Sec. 18

"A majority of all the members elected to each House, shall be necessary to pass every bill or joint resolution; and all bills and joint resolutions so passed, shall be signed by the Presiding Officers of the respective Houses" Art. 4, Sec. 25

"Every bill which shall have passed the General Assembly shall be presented to the Governor" Art. 5, Sec. 14

"Every bill presented to the Governor which is signed by him or on which he fails to act within said seven days after presentment shall be filed with the Secretary of State within ten days of presentmentàIn the event a bill is passed over the Governor's veto, such bill shall be filed with the Secretary of State without further presentment to the Governor" Art. 5, Sec. 17

"No act shall take effect, until the same shall have been published and circulated in the several counties of the State, by authority, except in case of emergency, which emergency shall be declared in the preamble, or in the body, of the law" Art. 5, Sec. 17

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