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Learn More Indiana can help you find the right college path for you, from a licensed apprenticeship to an eight-year doctorate program.

Research Colleges

Find your college fit with our college research tools:

College Degree Options

The options are limitless! The most important thing is that your college degree matches with your career plan.

  • Apprenticeships
    Learn specialized skills while getting paid for working. Many apprenticeships focus on careers that require a lot of technical skill, such as electrical work.
  • Associate Degrees
    Two-year degrees in Indiana’s growing industries are available at community college campuses throughout the state.
  • Bachelor's Degrees
    Traditional four-year degrees are offered at Indiana’s colleges and universities. Read about choosing a major and making the most of your experience.
  • Certificates
    One-year workforce certificates will get you on a career path fast. Decide if this is the track for you.
  • Master's and Doctorate Degrees
    Want to take your education beyond a four-year bachelor’s degree?  Find out more here.
  • Military Training
    Serve your country and take your education to the next level. Some programs allow you to enroll in a traditional college (with paid tuition!) while others take place at military-only institutions.

Plan for College

Whether you're five or 105, you can plan for a college education today.

  • College GO! Week
    Indiana's college planning campaign can help you plan for education beyond high school.
  • Create a high school graduation plan
    Learn more about Indiana's online version.
  • Be college-ready!
    What can you do right now?
  • Tests
    Learn about SAT, ACT, WorkKeys, ASVAB and other tests that help you prepare for your future.
  • BigFuture
    The College Board's college planning website answers all your questions about continuing your education after high school.
  • 15 to Finish
    Learn why you'll need to take at least 15 credits per semester to graduate on time.

More Resources

Teachers, counselors, community organizations and parents can find more college-related resources from Learn More Indiana.

  • College GO! Week
    Indiana's college planning campaign kicks off each August through November with information for students of all ages.
  • Learn More Indiana Resources
    Print off worksheets, student magazines, career pathway posters, maps and more.
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