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What are your education and career goals?

Your career and educational goals need to match. You can’t be an architect without a master’s degree and a license, for example. If you want to be a vet, you’ll have even more school ahead of you.

1. Make your career goal.

If you haven’t decided on a career field yet, take a career interest assessment to see how your skills and interests match with jobs.

2. Match your education to your career.

Investigate daily life in the career you are planning, and see what level of education is required.

  • Explore the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. Search by career (like graphic designer) or by occupational field to see up-to-date career profiles including required education.
  • Check out the Hoosier Hot 50 to see which careers are growing fast in Indiana today, and what education you’ll need to join the field.

3. Make your education goal.

Make it your goal to earn the degree or credential required for your future career. You can read more about associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s and doctorate degrees and other education options. Don’t forget to include licensure, too, if it’s required in your field.

You can also search for colleges with the College Navigator tool. Search by size, type, major and more.

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