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Keep the job

Once you have decided on a career advancement plan and have a general sense of where you are headed, you need to find the job for you!


Networking is how to get your name recognized in your field and location. Keep track of people you meet who share your career field. Ask for a business card and send them an email to remind them of who you are and what you’re looking for. Take advantage of online professional networks by creating a profile on web-based services liked LinkedIn.

Personal recommendations can make your résumé and job application go to the top of the pile. Seek out opportunities to network or mingle with others in your career area. Attend after-work functions, get additional training from professional associations and join networking clubs. If you’re still in school, join student organizations interested in your future career and ask professors for opportunities to meet professionals. If a prospective employer knows you’re searching for a job, sometimes they will call you!


Internships can be a great way to build your network. Again, keep track of everyone you met. When the internship is over, send them a letter or email thanking them for the experience and reminding them when you will be job searching.

And, don’t immediately dismiss an unpaid internship opportunity. Unpaid internships often are a great low-risk option for potential employers to see how you would perform in a permanent position.

Job searching

Job searching can be a full-time job! Although there are many helpful online resources, the best way to get a job is through a personal connection. It’s great if you know someone at a company with a job you’re interested in. Ask your friend or acquaintance to talk to the person who is hiring for the open position.

Indiana has several resources to help you find a job. If you’re applying online, make sure you read everything twice to check for typos and misspellings before you submit your information.

  • Indiana Career Connect. Indiana Career Connect links you to hundreds of jobs across the state.
  • WorkOne Centers. Your local WorkOne Center has resources to connect you to job openings.
  • Careers with the state. Would you like Indiana to be your employer? Search openings from teachers to lawyers to administrative and human resources professionals.
  • Monster.com. The Monster job search lists positions from across the nation. Because companies have to pay to list openings on Monster.com, not all opportunities will be available.
  • Company websites. Do you know which companies you’d prefer to work for? Check their websites regularly to find job openings.
  • College resources. Chances are your college has job-search resources. Browse the homepage to find a career center or similar resource.


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