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Put your graduation plan in action

Your high school Graduation Plan, required by Indiana state law, helps you outline your years in high school so you are prepared for whatever comes next. Follow these steps to make sure your Grad Plan is complete.

Review the Plan

Read about the Graduation Plan and view an interactive version from the Indiana Career Explorer. You can also download a printer-friendly PDF version.

Explore careers

The Grad Plan helps you choose your high school courses and diploma type so you are prepared for the type of career you’d like to have. You should explore careers to see what might be a good fit for you.

Understand diploma types

Indiana offers several types of diplomas:

  • Core 40: The Core 40 diploma is designed to prepare you for many college programs and careers. However, some four-year Indiana colleges now require the Core 40 with Academic Honors. Some technical programs and some apprenticeships might want you to have the Core 40 with Technical Honors.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB): Some Indiana high schools offer the International Baccalaureate diploma. This diploma is designed to prepare you intellectually, personally, emotionally and socially to live in a rapidly globalizing world. You can choose courses in languages, business and more.

If you have special learning needs and your parents and teachers agree that another option is best for you, you may be able to earn Indiana’s General diploma instead of the Core 40. The Core 40 is the best choice to prepare you for the education and career ahead of you, however, so only choose the General diploma if you’re sure the Core 40 is not for you.

Read more about all these options.

Choose your courses

In addition to the required courses for you diploma, you will have the option to take dual-credit courses and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Both can earn you credit in college courses, saving you money on tuition later. They also look good on your high school transcript when you are applying to competitive colleges. Make sure courses will be accepted at the college you are considering, however. Use the Indiana Core Transfer Library at TransferIN.net to see how courses will transfer.

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Get more resources

The Learn More Indiana website offers assistance for many of the requirements of the Grad Plan. Learn more about:

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