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How can you budget for your lifestyle?

Saving money is about more than putting part of your earnings or gift money in the bank. It’s also about making smart choices every day so you have more money at the end of the day.

Read about budgeting and find links to online budgeting tools below.

Budgeting 101
The best way to save for college is getting in the habit of saving a little bit at a time on a regular basis. To get started, your family needs to create a budget. Read here about creating a budget and making your lifestyle match your college plans.

Real World exercise

What lifestyle do you want as an adult? Do your college and career plans match up? Complete this activity to find out.

Student budget calculator
You will have a lot of money decisions to make when you are a college student. Use FinAid.org’s student budget calculator to explore some of your costs.

Family budget analyzer
Do you want to help your family save money? Enter your spending and earnings here to see where you could save.

Student loan calculator
If you plan on borrowing money to pay for college, find out how much you’ll be paying back after graduation with FinAid.org’s student loan calculator. Remember, the faster you pay off your loan, the smaller the total amount you’ll pay. It’s worth it to pinch pennies now, so you can have the lifestyle you want later, debt-free.

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